We are a river………..

Risada in her muzzle. I usually use a Green Guard as it is more open and breathable, but it has lots of little straps and buckles that catch on the net unfortunately, and they haven’t quite finished up this bale yet.

Risada has now been muzzled. This is a second to last resort for me with laminitis. The last resort is to split the herd.

First couple of sessions earlier in the week I sensed her struggling to find peace due to pain in her feet, the muzzle, and not being able to eat. So we bought some peace of mind to the muzzle.

This morning she was standing easier and relaxing and healing so I asked her if she could have a healing conversation with me on letting go, bringing the cause of the laminitis to the surface. But, in a way, I sensed that some of this had already been done and now it felt like it was time to release it.

As I connected with her I got a sense of cooling water, standing with her in the water as it trickled over our feet, cooling the heat and fire. As we went deeper, slowly our bodies relaxed into the sensation of coolness. There was a flowing sensation through the body and into the water, dissipating all emotion to be taken down stream.

Interestingly, only a few days ago, before I sensed I should take a decision on the muzzle for her, I also had a sensation of feeling of life being a river. Like the witches saying  “You can’t cross the same water twice”, nor can we be the same person twice. We are constantly changing and moving, and our present is always different from our past, whether that past was years ago, or a second ago.

We start as a spring and rush about as we tumble down mountains, whirling around rocks, dancing and playing and learning. As we become adults we reach and join bigger waterways with more depth, moving more sedately, but occasionally hitting precipices or large rocks that need to be navigated then forgotten, eddy’s where emotions may sit for a while then release. We enter into later life where we start to meander slowly, forming lakes and ponds to stop for a while and just sit and be, before we get close to the end of our journey and join the sea. This can be a tumultuous time as we ebb and flow towards our final destination, until we flow into the deep expanse of the sea forever.

This sense of the eddy of emotion / anxiety / tension / pain changing to a flowing current with Risada, was a sensation of everything going soft and flowing. This is the conversation of feelings. What do these emotions feel like when they are static and/or stuck in a whirlpool, and what do they feel like when they release and are let go, to flow towards their destination.

This session with Risada was supported by Querida who joined us quickly. She is doing well this year with the spring grass and although physically she has her little ups and downs with her feet, so far she is coping and healing and managing herself. We have done many healing sessions over winter, the last one being the ‘fire’ session, which is interesting as now we are in water with Risada. It seems the elements are coming in to support and help, and although my healing conversations are with a specific horse, the whole herd will be taking part, supporting, healing.

Creuse River, Limousin, France

When emotions are released and physical healing begins, this happens for all of them, for me, and for all those to who I am connected.


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