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Karen Bailey

Since retiring with my husband, 5 horses, dog and cat in 2017, I have explored the world of energy connections, meditation, and healing, both with myself and my animals, including completing various courses, reading many books, and following many works of amazing people.

I have been working with my animal family to develop a completely different focus regarding the relationship and connection between us, as humans, and the animal world, working to re-find that very basic of things, communication through the senses – Feeling it All.

I started The Trust Technique Video Course  with my own animals early 2021, and after seeing amazing changes in myself, and the animals in my life, I embarked on the Trust Technique Practitioner course (Mindfulness for people with their animals).

I qualified as a practitioner for large animals (horses, donkeys, llamas, etc) in July 2023, enabling me to teach the Trust Technique as a basis for starting your own journey of sharing peace of mind with your own animal family. As I do this I also share, and develop further, my own learning and understanding about our connection with our animals and our planet, and support you on your own journey towards finding peace of mind for yourself.

My specific focus is ‘Helping you help your animal find peace of mind with chronic physical conditions or behaviours.’ My experiences with my own animals with laminitis, uveitis, arthritis, & cribbing in horses, deafness, blindness & arthritis in dogs are written up in the ‘My Journey’ part of this website.

I have teamed up with Michaela and Yvonne to set up an association to continue working in this area both with the animals in my care, and also to help other guardians who want to explore how creating a space to heal can help chronic problems in animals.

For more information on the Trust Technique please visit their website at www.trust-technique.com

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