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Karen’s Journey

Follow the journey that developed the Animal Connection and Beyond Understandings, and led Karen to team up with some amazing people to set up our volunteer program, and membership programs to support the research.

Be a Volunteer

Do you have an animal with a chronic physical or behavioural condition, such as laminitis, or crib biting? Would you like to take a journey of your own to see if mindfulness techniques can help you and your animal ? You may be eligible for our volunteer programme.

The Animal Connection and Beyond Association aims to research and understand, by managing a volunteer program of ten or more people with their animals, and subsequently provide a report on:

  • the effects of feelings shared between domestic animals and their guardians, on the chronic physical and behavioural conditions of their animals; and
  • whether there is an improvement in conditions when shared feelings are modified by the introduction of mindfulness techniques.

Membership Levels

I am an explorer and would like to be invited to join informational talks & discussions, where I can ask questions about mindfulness with animals & the application of the four understandings of Animal Connection and Beyond

I am a learner and would like to access more information regularly, including belonging to a like minded discussion group that meets regularly, and have access to exercises I can carry out based on the four understandings of Animal Connection and Beyond, the Trust Technique, and other mindfulness practices

I am a participant and would like to take my own journey, with your support, including being able to access consultation videos, detailed case studies, attend group coaching and Q&A sessions, and discuss and review my action plan in a group or in private consultations.

Take A Consultation

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Meet the Team

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