Case Studies & Testimonials

Every journey is different..

The relationship we have with each of the animals in our care is different. They come to us for many reasons, sometimes for us to help them, sometimes for them to help us, and sometimes so we can help each other..

Our life has so much changed since you have worked with our donkeys. Thank you so much and thanks to the universe to meet you.

There is definitely a change in Hermès or maybe a change in both of us. I am convinced now that he can do things on his own and he doesn’t need the constant reassurance of Capone (companion horse) or me. I get him out on his own, and can do things without him getting stressed about being on his own. I am very happy with this.

I see life very differently with all my animals now.
Still a lot of work to do on myself but being aware is half way there, isn’t it?” 

We made some significant improvements to Fost’s ability to cope with being outside. I now feel I can practice this on my own.

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