The Edges of Us

Part 4 of the ‘Giving Back Responsibilities’ series

I have explored over the last two years energetic boundaries. I started my journey by understanding what an energetic boundary was and how this differed from the physical boundaries we erect around ourselves. Over the last year I have delved deeper into boundaries, with the help of an excellent human guide, from the perspective of energetic healing, both physical and emotional. But, today, I discovered a different set of boundaries – the Edges of Us…The Edges of our Personal Journeys :

While out for a stroll this morning a young stag crossed my path. Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera, but if I had I don’t think I would have caught his message. I believe that deer arrive in my energetic journey when something is about to change or reveal itself. So far, every time I have had a ‘light bulb’ moment, I have seen deer somewhere in the previous hours or days. Maybe they are my spirit guides..

The message was about touching paths.

I suddenly had this absolute understanding of every being having its own path or journey; sometimes touching another beings path briefly, sometimes crossing through the path of another being, maybe even bumping you off your path for a while, or just running parallel with you for however long they are meant to, sharing your journey as part of theirs, and vice versa.

Later on, when I sat quietly and dropped deeper into the energetic vibrations, I could sense my own path. I felt for the energy of the young stag. I could sense very strongly that brief touch of the young stag on the edge of my path, and how that brief touch just bent my path slightly, opening up another step and sending me on my way.

Then I could sense the paths of the horses that have chosen to reside with me, the edges of their paths, the way they walk their path, allowing me to bumble onto their track when I am in the dark, sometimes even push them off course for a while, and how we all are now back on our parallel paths. I could feel the edges of my husband’s path, of my dogs long journey, of Belle the cat, of the ginger cat that lives in my hay barn, of the lizard that runs along the wall. All on their own paths, their own journeys.

It is not for me to understand where our paths are going, why they are parallel, why they intertwine at times, and why they separate for a while, or for good. I just need to follow my path and know that every being that merges onto my track to walk with me for a while, however brief or long, is there in love, in compassion, and to help if it is required.

I also understand that in following my path I may merge on to another beings track, and however brief or long that is I should always share their track with love, compassion, and help if it is asked for, until the paths diverge.

As these senses processed within me and became a part of who I am, I could also sense the changes in everything around me, every being, as my universe processed this. I could finally sense that each being has its journey, and sometimes that journey may seem difficult, may feel painful, frightening, or sad, when we sense it, but it is not for us to intervene without permission, it is for us to wait to be asked, and to understand that request when it presents itself. I know a part of my own journey has been to learn how to ask, how to let help in, and how to let love and compassion in. My horses helped me do that, as did my energetic guide, Camille, but still, it took me half a lifetime to figure out that I could. That is all part of my personal journey.

And now I need to wait.. to understand that my horses have their own journeys. If they need me to merge into their path for a brief time they will tell me, the same way my energy, my healing intelligence, has always asked them for help, even if I wasn’t intellectually aware of it at the time.

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