Energetic Healing with Risada

Over the last two years or so, I have been waking up my awareness of my own healing ability, understanding how it works through witnessing and watching change, giving energetic space where needed, removing the human egoistic need to ‘fix’ problems, learning the power of crystals, and practising connecting to other beings to enable healing, whether emotional or physical. Through strengthening this ability, which is in us all, I was privileged to witness a very deep healing within my mare, Risada.

An extraordinary healing session with Risada this morning (5th June 2020) – for me anyway. It felt extremely powerful. It took a long time to connect with her and initially I was just in a mist allowing thoughts to pass through. Then the cat snuggled into my lap and the crystals (smoky quartz and labradorite) seemed to come alive. I had sunk down into smokey quartz to start with. It was like a mist that comes down over the mountain but, in the middle of it, I felt safe and warm like I was in front of a warm fire in a cabin looking out and feeling the silence of the fog. 

Then suddenly she was there – the energy that is Risada. I was deeply connected with her healing intelligence. It was like watching a complete rebuild of her skeletal structure. There was a horrible twist from her shoulders / withers through to her hips and tail along her whole spine and I felt this untwist. All along her spine, bones were popping and clicking – it was a horrible sensation to feel. The only way I can explain it, is it felt like her body was being pulled across the diagonal towards the horizontal along her spine..pulling one shoulder around underneath her and the opposite hip being pulled around and over towards her tail and all with an astounding amount of force. I could sense the pain of her entire body. I can still sense it now.. the movement as it all unfolded. It was huge. Then we went into everywhere, but these restructures were small in comparison..like they had to happen because of the untwisting. It was not something that could wait because then everything would fall back into the twist, suggesting it has been there a long time. The body has got used to the shape in a way. We went down the back legs rearranging the hip alignment and still down into the hocks and through the entire leg structure. It was like a widening out of her whole back end giving her stance more of a solid feel that was able to hold her up and support her body again. Then into the front shoulders as they balanced up and her knees and down into her feet as I felt them take a more solid attachment to the ground, a balanced footing. Then into her head and tmj as this balanced out. I could feel her tmj soften and her lower jaw relax. Her healing energy was taking me all over witnessing and watching all the changes. Then I felt her tire and I left, although I can still see and feel some of what was happening. I can almost sense a tingling through her whole body as it settles and relaxes into its new shape“.

For more information on how to awaken your own healing abilities for yourself and/or other beings please go to http://www.happyhorsehappyhuman.com

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