Cribbing healing sessions with Timmy

Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.” – Saint Augustine

Following his lead, I have had three sessions with Timmy over the last week using the Present Moment from The Trust Technique to dive into a healing connection with him.

The first session was in the horse shelter and when we were deep in the non-thinking place of being completely present and quiet I then felt it was okay with Timmy to let my energy (my thoughts, feelings, and intuition) wander over and through his body. The Trust Technique call this ‘Regard’.

I spent some time sensing his digestive system and I could sense a smooth transition of food from one end of him to the other. I got sensations of oily slipperiness as everything flowed through. I got a sense of acid and food breakdown. I got a feeling of ebb and flow here as though sometimes it doesn’t work as well as others. (This makes sense to me as Timmy has had two bouts of mild colic in the last two years, both of which he has told me about straight away by dropping and rolling in front of me. I treated these with colic ease and he was fine both times.) My intuition was telling me that this session was about sensing how his digestive system should work and will work and focussing his own healing energy on making this happen.

After processing this session for 3-4 days, yesterday (13/01/22) we had a nice session in the field. In this session his leg injury came up for a bit as it hasn’t quite healed yet. But mostly the session from my perspective was about being present and building our trust even further. I could sense he just wanted to enjoy the place of peace.

This morning was deeper. A lot deeper. Before the session he was very nippy but as soon as I went into a non-thinking place and grounded myself, he came with me. It was immediate, as though his nipping was to get my attention. As we went deep into the connection I could sense this session was about release and change.

This was a starting over. This session is also more difficult to put into words because this was more about emotions and feelings. I could sense feelings within the connection but they were not specific, and weren’t just one feeling. At one point I could sense a flow of feelings into his mouth area and then, by redirecting my own sense of that down into the ground, it seemed that his feeling went into his feet as well. I couldn’t tell you what type of feeling this was, it was just something that I felt within myself as his.

There was a point also when I felt a vulnerability in him and I just pushed my heart at him and surrounded him in a feeling of love.

We spent some time focussing on the feeling of peace and how this way of releasing pain and fear and feelings, feels smoother and kinder and more loving than releasing them through the mouth, which feels harsher and more harmful. This was an interesting share between us as it relates quite a bit to the feelings of shards of glass I get when something is not right for me anymore or is an illusion. It took a long time for me to distinguish between reality and illusion, but now I figure it out by asking myself how it feels. In a way I was intuitively exploring this with Timmy through our connection.

I have no expectations of the outcome of these sessions but I believe we can only be going in one direction; the right direction for him.

Later on this afternoon I was thinking about our session and it came back to me how, in one session a while back (maybe even a year or two back now) , I sensed him as very wooden, like his neck was a broomstick with a horse head and it could snap easily, and in another session he was like a cardboard box, or a cardboard copy of himself. I get no sense of this now. He flows more. He is a whole flow of energy, flexible and supple, more real and grounded. This maybe why he now feels ready to take the next step.

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