Checking in on Trust

Using part of the Trust Technique teaching with Neige to check in on our relationship……

I have not spent a lot of time with Neige in a ‘just being’ sense since her Uveitis and sight loss. We do have a lovely relationship and I am always astonished at her level of trust in me and her environment. I have been working a lot with myself to let go of seeing her loss of sight as a problem, and rather just seeing it as her path.

All I need to do is help her adjust with regards to her environment and our communication. The herd are sorting things out amongst themselves. It is teaching me a lot about my energy and thinking levels and how to keep them at a very relaxed level around her.

I was watching her snoozing in the field on her own this morning and decided to see if I could keep things really peaceful and join her. I wondered if she would be relaxed enough to lay down.

The video shows snippets from our session. I approached her slowly and then sat on the ground near her and used the Trust Techniques’ Present Moment technique to bring myself into a non-thinking place. Every now and then I would regard her and give off a feeling of love, and also security and safety. My intention was for her to feel safe and secure with me close to her. I would like her to know she can rely on me to keep an eye out, although in reality she is more likely to hear something before I sense anything going on. She tried a couple of times to lay down but couldn’t quite do that, until she did. What a lovely gesture of trust from her! We stayed like that for about 30 minutes or so and she went up and down into short REM sleeps. She couldn’t quite let herself lay down flat but thats’ okay. Eventually Querida running up the track behind us triggered her to get up.

I also spent some time with Timmy and Risada this afternoon reinforcing our trust and present moment. There is a little snippet at the end.

I love the Trust Technique and all the changes it brings with it in both me and the animals.

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