Cribbing and Windsucking…what does it look like?

The video shows briefly what cribbing and windsucking looks and sounds like.

Although I have done some energy work with Timmy, and started trying to find who he is under the cribbing facade, it is not easy. I am now moving to using the Trust Technique to see if we can’t find any emotional cause for the behaviour.

The reason I feel it is right to explore his cribbing in this way, is a belief that physical behavioural habits come from emotional or trauma triggers. The challenge will be finding the trigger that brings up the behaviour; the trigger that makes him think to himself..

Now I need to stand in front of a post, hold on to it, and rock backwards and forwards, while sucking in air

There is a similarity to a human going into a foetal position and rocking backwards and forwards in response to a traumatic event.

Is it going to be possible to take him back to the first time he needed to crib, and then bring that into the present so he can be at peace with the event? It will be a process which will need to be at his pace. I sense the event will be human related.

I have had a lot of success with sharing the Present Moment with the other 4 of the herd, to the point where 3 of them are now seeking it out when I show up, but with Timmy, he can’t be in the Present yet for long around me. He likes to be peaceful and we can do that, but when I start to regard him, to ask him questions through feelings and senses, it is too much. My questions are too deep for him. He can’t bring the answer into the present. We have to go slower….

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