Timmy really needed to heal today..

In the last two days, and particularly after the session yesterday with his leg and back, I have not observed Timmy cribbing. Isn’t that wonderful? I did wake up sensing I would need to reinforce his ability to find a present moment to help him with any emotional or physical issues instead of cribbing, but for today that was a success.

I went to the shelter this morning with a feeling that maybe Querida would benefit from a session as it would be great to work with her and see if we can’t release some emotions around a number of behaviours that I sense create laminitic episodes. The details are for another day. I did start off regarding Querida and inviting her into the present moment. She joined me and then Chocolate came in right up close almost touching me and wanting to be in that peaceful place as well. The first part of the video shows Chocolates beautiful eye as she falls into a peaceful state. Then Timmy invited himself in, in a big way. He joined us and virtually collapsed into a healing state straight away. Most of the video shows his expressions and healing as he sits and lays down. I have bits of Risada as well as she joins us too. It was lovely with everybody supporting and taking what they need.

Timmy spent a lot of time in the deepest healing state I have ever seen him. He will benefit greatly from that. He did manage a couple of yawn releases when he got up but they were very tight so there is still a way to go.

Querida couldn’t go that deep yet which I understood and she showed one of her behaviours around frustration with fences and I left a snippet in the middle of what this looks like. If you have never seen a pony negotiate a fence and get through it this will give you a little laugh. There is a serious aspect to this as well though and I could sense a level of frustration and annoyance from her. She does this in the fields as well. It doesn’t matter how big the field is you will most often find her at the edge half way through the fence. She is telling us something and I think it is to do with being shut in and away from food due to laminitis. We will see when we are at the right place to acknowledge it and let it go.

Timmy is the one that is getting all the attention and support right now and is doing so well. I did notice him cribbing this afternoon down on a post in the field. I went down to him and invited him away from the post and into a place of peace. He left the post and acknowledged the peace very briefly, then went off to graze. As I said earlier I feel that reinforcing and supporting him is now key to letting go of this habit completely. There will be other triggers that may come up and we will work with those whenever they occur.

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