The cycle of habitual reactions

Patience and Persistence is a requirement..

This is a short post mostly for me to record two days of habituated reactions. (14th and 15th July 2022). The videos are long and are a record of the different reactions I am seeing in Timmy as we progress. There seems to be a ritual at times as we go around a cycle of:

  • Being present and still and asking Timmy if he can join me
  • His reaction of going to crib (hiding his feelings)
  • Blocking the crib
  • Asking me the question of ‘What now?’ (anxiety)
  • The stroking and gentling
  • The relaxing a little
  • The itchiness coming up (annoyance)
  • The pushing for scratches (frustration)
  • The calming down and relaxing
  • Offering peace and stillness and the invite, and starting the cycle again

On the 14 July video I counted that we went through this cycle at least 4 times. I didn’t count on the next one. It is not important really. The important thing is staying with it. Not getting frustrated and if I do, breathing it out and letting it go. Patience is key. Persistence and repetition are important. Always coming back to the place of peace. Always listening and allowing the reaction. Acknowledging when it changes. I always try and end a session at a peaceful place.

The actual sessions were around an hour and a half long and I have just recorded specific moments that interested me. We are in the process.

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