More cribbing healing sessions

And Risada joined in too – looking for some help with her upper back leg.

This a long video but I have tried not to cut too much out as it shows how long these sessions need to be sometimes.

When we did our session on the 8th March (see previous video and post) we were working with trust, love and gratitude to help break into Timmy’s cribbing habit.

On 9th March I did a session with him again, slowly and gently telling him with feelings that I loved him whether he cribbed or not, and he was the most beautiful horse in the world, whilst slowly moving his head gently off the post and asking him to look at me. When he was looking at me I would go completely into the present non-thinking moment and share that feeling of just being. After about 10 minutes of this he went into a resting position and I could sense what felt like a headache. A while ago when I was going through a big change of perspective in myself I was getting some serious headaches and this felt similar but not in me, in him. I focussed on remaining present and regarding this headache until it seemed to release down his body into the ground.

When I was about to leave him to carry on with his day he suddenly put his head under my hand. My hand was flat on his head between his eyes and I could feel an energy going from me into him, like he was drawing energy from me. His eyes were closed so I closed mine and just focussed on my hand with all the love energy I could muster and we stayed like that for many minutes. When I finally had to shift my body he shifted as well and we were done for the day. I sensed into the whole herd who were all supporting and there was an amazing sense of infinite support and love that I didn’t want to leave.

The video here is 10th March and this time you will see how Timmy defines his position and goes deeply into the present moment with me for a long time. This time there was no cribbing to interrupt but at times during this session I could bring up that feeling of cribbing and focus on it and then let it go. I sense this was a joint thing between me and Timmy, just focussing on the sensation that comes up from the diaphragm, into the throat and then feels like it has to be released through the mouth. Everytime it came up we caught it and went deeply into the present.

Risada also wanted to be involved deeply in this session and she showed me that her back leg was not right. Often she has picked up this back leg and tried to twist round and show me something. Previously I always considered she wanted scratches up inside her back leg, but this time, probably because I am getting more and more attuned to what I am sensing, I felt that there was something old here. A fall maybe. A problem at birth. It felt as though it could go back to that. It is not really important to know exactly what is wrong, but I did change my focus / regard to her as often as I could, acknowledging what she was telling me and bringing her into the present moment healing session. I could sense she was finding the place where she could let some of the issue go but she couldn’t get right into the present moment and if I focussed on the area it made her fidget a bit. I didn’t do too much with her this time but it is something to acknowledge and go deeper with another time. (At about 11 minutes into the video I did place my hand on the top of her leg and put some energy focus through it into her body and you can see her reaction in her eyes and face.) At the end Querida and Chocolate came up and after a little bit of joining in moved everybody off, telling us all that it was enough for the day!

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