Checking in on Trust (2)

The Next Day………

After spending time with Neige and her trusting me enough to lie down when I was on the ground on 25th January, (see Checking in on Trust post 25th January 2022), the next day she was in the yard standing and resting. I went and stood with her, just being still and in a non-thinking place. After only 9 minutes she lay down and went into REM sleep very quickly. After 4 minutes I sat on the ground with her. We stayed there for a further 12 minutes or so. Amazing!

It felt like she was really needing this. I haven’t done another session with her yet as it hasn’t felt right, but I am sure we will. We have quite a deep understanding now and she is excellent at telling me when she needs something for her eyes. One can get a little painful now and again but she tells me if she needs some help. What these sessions are doing is helping me feel our connection deeper so I can sense quicker when she needs something and what. Sometimes she has to nag my energy if I am not listening properly, or am away in my mind thinking about something irrelevant!

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