Are you being True to yourself?

I was considering my throat chakra or energy centre today. The throat chakra relates to the throat, tongue and neck and is associated with communication and truth.

But it is not about ‘telling the truth’, ‘being truthful’, ‘being honest’, ‘being opinionated’, ‘not being opinionated’, ‘having nothing to say’, having too much to say’, – not when these are all done through lack of awareness of your own truth anyway. This energy centre is about being true to yourself. If you can be honest with yourself about who you really are, then you become truth.

This came to me from a number of thoughts, events, signs if you like, that got me to questioning myself again.

One event specifically was that I put some videos up on social media of being with my herd of horses in various situations and got comments on them, but these comments were from three or four very different perspectives. So what is right? Well, none of them really, because the only thing that is real for me is my own truth of the situation. It doesn’t matter what other people say, think, want, need, do, if it doesn’t resonate with your own truth.

Information can change perspective, but only when the person is in a place where they are questioning their own truth. So the comments are not wrong. They are welcomed. Then they are sifted until the message for the current point of your own journey can be acknowledged and absorbed into your own truth.

It takes a massive acknowledgement that your current truth is not what is real for you deep down, before your ego will allow you to leave the comfort of your own untruths.

To find your own truth you have to lift your head out of the sand and ask yourself some deep and meaningful questions, and this is difficult. It is easier to just go with the flow, be what everybody else thinks you should be.


Think about this word for a moment. What does it mean to you? Do you believe you have a soul? How does the word make you feel? Angry, sad, lost, frightened, happy, joyful? I am going to over generalise here, but what tends to happen when you put words like Soul, God, the Universe, Mother Earth, Faith Healing, Crystal Healing, Energetic Connection, Magic, Conscious Awareness, out on the table, everybody wants to shout out an opinion, usually refuting the existence of any such thing, wanting proof. These opinions are based on your perception of your own truth, what your ego tells you is the truth, because then you will stay in your little unquestioning box with your head buried in the sand. Why then are scientists trying to show proof of the existence of conscious awareness?

How does it feel when, instead of opining about these words from your mind, you ask yourself deep down if you really believe what your mind is telling you? Is it really your truth? Or, is it somebody elses’ truth that you have put on like a comfortable coat?

Everybody has their own journey, their own path to follow. Most will stay on the path of least resistance. Some will look for the path that leads to absolute truth and enlightenment. Some of us will be somewhere in between.

If you find you are not feeling good about wearing somebody elses’ coat, ask yourself this : Do you want to explore your own truth? Only you can acknowledge your own truth and start on a new journey, an awakening, the most important voyage of discovery you can go on, the voyage to your Self.

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