A little sleepy time with the ponies

Both the ponies are a little tender on their feet at the moment, and Chocolate is also struggling with her back leg joints. We have good spring grass (Oh no!) and the ground is very hard as well as we haven’t had rain for ages. So neither are moving very fast or very quick. Talking to the farrier yesterday we are going to try some new kind of shoes that glue on (no nails I won’t have that). But there is a gap where the front of the pedal bone can rest so their is no pressure on it. It is going to be interesting to see how they get on. Also they have a nice amount of give so they should help Chocolates joints as well.

This is the first time for me that it feels right to help the ponies out with some shoes. The design looks good so they are on order, and hopefully will be fitted soon. Boots I have always struggled with as well because, when the ponies are sore on their feet, they don’t like to lift to get a boot put on. Also boots don’t really give any relief to the pedal bone.

In the meantime the ponies take healing sleep when they need it and I joined them this morning. Enjoy the video!.

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