A huge break through with Timmy and his cribbing and windsucking

This video shows a session with Timmy this morning using The Trust Technique to interrupt his cribbing behaviour and change a conscious habit. In the beginning I am starting to sense into when Timmy is starting to think about cribbing. It takes a little while before I can anticipate enough to interrupt the behaviour before the cribbing starts.

When we get the rhythm I go into a peaceful place of non-thinking until I sense the intent to crib in him and then I go into a thinking place and move in to interrupt. I then give him lots of praise and love and encouragement through sending that in feelings to him. It goes really well and then he moves off that bale and goes and eats on the other one. After about 4 minutes (its not all in the video) of eating he suddenly stopped eating. He rested his nose on the bale and went into a different place. It felt like a processing, a release, a letting go of sorts. He stayed like this until Risada called out.

Risada’s call felt like a ‘Yeah!!’ and Chocolate, the matriarch responded to the call and then came round to see what was happening. Then it was as though Her and Timmy had a conversation of sorts, like they were sharing what was happening. Then Timmy went back to the bale. He put himself in a different position so he wasn’t next to the truss. Chocolate went into a peaceful place with me and I could sense her feeling my feelings of joy at what we had achieved. Timmy occasionally would stop eating and I could feel a slight sense of wanting to crib but this time Chocolate was also there and she turns her head towards him. He goes back to eating. This happens a couple of times.

I am absolutely astounded with how this worked today. Any time previously when I have tried to interrupt his behaviour he has got quite aggressive, ears back and biting. I think there has been a fear of changing the habit which we are now starting to let go of. I have done a lot of Getting Peaceful with him over the last year or two but it is only recently that he has found that he can engage deeply. He is now trusting me to help him with breaking this cycle.

This is only one session. I kept a distant eye on him most of the afternoon while he was in the barn but he didn’t crib in there again. When I shut the barn though I offered him some treats which he ate then went to crib on an outside post. This is again a developed habit. I sense we will need to work with each trigger as it comes up. I know how many times we can fall back into a habit as I was a heavy smoker and tried many times to give up until I finally did it. I am just so overjoyed that he let in some help today. Love him to bits!

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