Trying on the harness…

A long video. An amazing process with Querida bringing peace of mind to introducing the harness, putting it on, and then removing it.

Most of the time she is nearly asleep. Such a lovely connection with her. No need to tie her up, and I only needed a slight touch on the rope to bring her focus back if she considered going anywhere.

She showed me that she likes to explore things with her mouth so we will keep that in mind for the future. We just started by getting into the present moment right at the start and then maintained that peace of mind throughout, introducing each piece. It will need adjusting to fit her properly but that wasn’t for today. I just wanted to see if there were any anxieties or emotions around the harness from either of us, and I think we can safely say we are both fine with it.

At one point Timmy decided to get himself caught up in a piece of fence (there was a couple of blades of grass on the other side!). I have left that in the video because I thought it was interesting how Querida knew that it was all about being peaceful with her, and we could let Timmy have his antics and not let them bother us too much. I think he was trying to get some attention lol. (Just a note – when he tried again and I went off camera to chase him off, it was a clap you hear, not a smack – just in case you thought otherwise!). It was a good exercise in keeping peaceful and present when something else is happening.

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