Laminitis – A chemical imbalance

Chocolates digital pulses were throbbing yesterday evening in her front feet. She felt good in herself though physically, and she is a good weight. The herd have had some grass the last two days so it has to be the sugars in the new grass which always make her flare up. I felt we were in a good place regarding responsibilities, so it concerned me, and my ego bought up some doubts about the energy process. But here is the thing – Querida appears to be absolutely fine, has come down to a better weight and is feeling physically very good. I haven’t checked her pulses, for some reason I haven’t felt the need to. So I am still trusting the universe and I believe the universe was telling me that there is something still to do with this laminitis business. I decided to sleep on it.

I woke up with the word ‘chemistry’ pounding in my head. I allowed this to develop intellectually for an hour or so. So far energetically I have concentrated on physicality I suppose. The structure of the skeleton and the muscles and where something needs loosening, re adjusting, smoothing out etc, and I totally believe this can be done because Camille has done energy healing on me and fixed many issues with my back and neck. But I have never considered the chemistry of it all, the energy in mixing up the atoms to get the right balance to enable us to be physically what we are. A lot of what happens inside us is chemistry. The universe provides the right amount of energy into every chemical mix, such as turning the leaves green in spring! 

I suppose this slightly different take for me on energetic healing has been building for a while.

About 2 months back I was doing a little healing session with my dog and I got a glimpse of his brain. Over the last two months I have been reducing his medications and only this last week he has come right down from 3 tablets a day, to one every 24 hours, and yesterday he was a bit longer because I forgot to give him his tablet at the right time. I have followed my instincts. His problem is an imbalance in his body chemistry. His brain wasn’t telling his kidneys what to do properly and when this was diagnosed he had got up to 6 litres of water a day which was going straight through him and therefore he was peeing all over the place. The tablets balanced out the chemistry. But I think by just acknowledging that glimpse inside his brain something started to rebalance, and my faith in the energetic healing has now got us a long way towards taking him off of the tablets completely.

Then Camille was doing a healing on me and my energy must have lead her to my brain. I have been trying to work on my ‘menopausal hot flushes’ for a long time but obviously it wasn’t the right time then to go to this depth of healing – maybe this layer will change that.

And so to Chocolate. The reaction to grass in this way from an intellectual viewpoint has to be a chemical imbalance. Can we energetically heal that? The only way is to try.

So I connected to Chocolate. This is where things always happen in the order they are supposed to. I have no idea how chemistry works in the body, so I had to ask her. I had to allow her to be responsible for that healing, and trust that I was there to help, not to look for something to fix. She has had a lot of deep healing from Camille physically, and now it was time for her to trust in me. I just made a lot of space and followed. I don’t know how to describe that feeling intellectually, I just knew she was showing me. If I got ahead of myself I felt it straight away and came back to the boundary.

It was fascinating. I can’t remember all the details in order, but we went into the head. I got a deep sense of flow down from the head to the heart, and then a weird sense of blocked energy somewhere. Somewhere it felt like a whirlpool or eddy that was going round and round itself. Something that needed to happen couldn’t happen and so all it could do was go around in circles. I am not sure where it was in the system but I don’t think that is important. I kept making sure it was Chocolate that was engaging with this healing and I was just observing. After a while of observing and following her energy wherever it lead me I felt a change, a real shift in that whirlpool, like somebody had dropped a rock in a river and changed the flow. It was amazing how everything felt like it started to flow properly again, like little lights started to come on that hadn’t been on for a long time. This was enough but I will check in with her later.

At some point I was taken into the brain and had a realisation that that is probably where all the chemistry stems from – like it is the master that gives the relevant parts of the body the chemical formula for its function. When I felt that brain sensation I had a weird image of all my horses brains sitting in a row. They were all physically there in this meditation, standing outside the barn, so I think the chemical rebalancing was bigger than just Chocolate, I think it was an acknowledgement that we are all ready and able to go deeper, to look at the relationship of the energy of the brain and the heart and how they function together to make everything what it is.

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