Holistic Healing

My personal definition

It has been a spring and summer of many issues which has deepened the way I look at healing, or more precisely ‘whole healing’. Neige was diagnosed with Uveitis in both eyes.

A couple of weeks after that Timmy got caught up in fence wire broken by my pony crashing into a field she shouldn’t be in and ripped his hock, causing a deep wound, but luckily mostly tissue and skin damage with just a slight muscle tear.

Both are long term healing challenges, which have changed the way I support the herd in their day to day needs, but more significantly, has changed the way I consider and carry out healing support.

Over the last few weeks my senses have slowly flowed into a personal understanding around ‘holistic healing’. A knowing that everything is linked. Sensing we have a duty of care to our physical selves, but that healing is not one thing, it is many things, connected and linked together through the strength, understanding, belief, and faith we have in ourselves.

Medical practitioners provide specific physical or mental diagnosis and often an immediate relief to physical stresses, or counselling regarding mental health. 

Energy healing creates an internal opening of the energy centres to ignite self healing.

Elemental meditation connects the elements of air, water, earth, and fire, to the self-healing process, defining where the imbalance could be (air-mind; water-heart; earth-physical conditions; fire-hopes and fears), and/or what needs to be strengthened to heal the imbalance. 

Crystal healing supports self-healing through specific energy vibration transmission, and what I feel as ‘a soaking up’ of what is unnecessary excess energy. It also supports elemental meditation through energy centre rebalancing  (air – crown and third eye chakra; water – throat and heart chakra; earth – sacral and root chakra; and fire – solar plexus chakra).

Aromatherapy supports physical and energy healing through inhalation and breathing.

Essential oils support physical healing through topical application.

Herbal healing and phytotherapy link herbs and science to provide support to all healing, and also provide general physical preventative maintenance.

The biggest barrier to true holistic healing is the human condition of needing immediate material results based on an expected outcome. This condition creates disconnection, disbelief, negative judgements, fear, stress, and anxiety about an outcome that can only be known once it happens. And that is just in ourselves. If we are trying to help an animal, or another human being, those creations (or, more truthfully, illusions) are passed on through our feelings, creating doubt, fear, and anxiety in the person or animal we are trying to help.

To recap then, my personal definition of holistic healing :

Open your heart and mind to all possibilities, believe in what you feel and respond to the feeling, let go of all expectations, and know, that this step in your journey, will give you the knowledge and wisdom needed somewhere in your future”.


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