A little bit of doggy care..

Bandit self selecting oils for his swollen gum..

Poor Bandit has awful teeth..well he is 16 now! Trouble is the vet won’t sedate him at his age so we have to do the best we can.

Yesterday morning he had a bit of a swollen face when I came in from the horses so I rubbed a tiny bit of clove oil onto his gum to get him by and then in the afternoon we did a little self selection session. I am afraid the video is quite dark, but he has a light coloured face so you can see his reactions.

We started with angelica root which he inhaled a bit of and then got up and had a bit of a walk around, some water, and a fidget. It was like he was getting himself into the right frame of mind for the session. As I was pretty sure it was a tooth problem I did a little bit with thyme oil (anti bacterial), then German chamomile (anti inflammatory), both of which he inhaled once, neither of which he was particularly interested in, although he didn’t leave completely. Then I went for the St. Johns’ Wort which is for nerve pain. He was very interested in this and took in a lot. I eventually left him to sleep with some of the oil absorbed into a tissue left on his bed.

We did two sessions with the St. Johns Wort during the afternoon and while he was sleeping I did a little crystal session with Stitchtite (which is a crystal for teeth) which I left in his bed that night. Additionally I had a feeling about coconut oil. I have used coconut oil to clean his teeth before but usually he argues about it a bit and pulls his head away. It is a great anti-bacterial though. I offered him some in the early evening and I think he would have eaten the pot if I had let him. I gave him quite a bit and then he went back to sleep for a while. About half an hour later he vomited a lot of stuff up.

I had an initial thought to myself that maybe I shouldn’t have allowed him to have all that coconut oil. But then it came to me that maybe he needed that to help empty his body of any bacteria from a bad tooth that he may have swallowed. Who knows. I wasn’t worried when he ate his dinner with his usual gusto. (Earlier he had struggled to eat).

This morning the swelling was gone and he is eating normally again.

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