The Infinity of Now

Can you sense the infinity of the present moment?

I have struggled sometimes to stay in the present moment since I made the choice to follow the path that gave me back myself. So much around us wants us to worry about the future, the next step, where we will be in 10 years, what we will do in the event of something. But, until it exists in the present moment, it is just an illusion. 

Recently I have been seeing more and more of what ‘Now’ is. Watching the world around me, first me, then the environment and inhabitants around my local self, and then onto the present moment of each step of a walk. Neige, my beautiful 20 year old horse, helps me with this. She keeps me focussed on each step when we walk out, on the environment around me in that moment. It is a hard habit to break, to stop thinking about the next step, to stop worrying about what is round the next corner, but I can do it now. Not all the time but I will get there. I wonder sometimes if it is possible to live in the world of people, and be totally and completely in the present moment all the time. I have to believe it is, even if others are not aware that they can.

Today, interestingly, I was focussed on the present moment, walking along with my dog, acknowledging the trees, the cows in the field, the birds, and everything around me in that moment of each step, when I suddenly became aware of a strong wave of infinite moments. Every tree, every animal, every person, everything in the universe was in that wave of the present moment. All their “Nows” being whatever their present moment entailed. A phenomenal number of tiny choices being made in that moment. Choices in the moment. Momentous choices. 

It came to me how we humans see choices we make as individual choices, choices that have no bearing on anything else but ourselves, and yet every tiny choice has an infinite number of ripples through the universe. Every tiny choice in each present moment ripples outwards.

Animals, trees, all other beings in our universe, make infinite numbers of choices in infinite numbers of moments, subject to their connection with everything around them, their awareness of where they are in space. Humans who are not aware of their present moment in space, also make infinite choices in infinite moments, but those choices are made from the mind, not from an awareness of the ripple affect of their choice.

We tend to use our mind rather than our awareness, our innate intuition, and yet, the choices we made with our intuition are the ones that will have defined our path, more than those made through thought alone.

Every choice creates a ripple in the water of the universe, a vibration in the energy of the world and beyond. 

Going within I ask if I can see the infinity of ‘now’. I sense the source of my now is within myself, my now is the source of everything that is me. I can feel that as a rhythm within, a vibration. Feeling outwards from this source of my present moment I can sense the infinity of now. It is as a wave washing outwards from my self into infinity, and then another, and then another. I can sense all the other present moments of every other being washing outwards from them, merging, separating, gathering momentum, slowing, never breaking, just moving onwards. I am the infinite loop of my now. I am infinity.”

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