Journeying out of time to step into connectivity

My journey to finding out how I can sense an individuals vibration..

Do you remember something, but when asking others who were there as well, they remember it differently?

Do you remember exactly when things happen in linear time, i.e. the year, the date, the day, the hour, minute, second?

Or, is it just a vague recollection?

Memories can be limiting if considered within time. Time can keep you in prison if you let it.

I rarely remember when things happened specifically. I remember events. I can sometimes remember what age I was (I think), maybe the season, or the environment I was in, but I rarely remember dates or times of events. I only remember the date of our wedding anniversary because it is on the wall calendar, and when people ask how many years we have been together I have to look at my dear husband.

The sadness comes to me when I find people who are held prisoner by time. For instance some people remember the exact date a close relative died, or the date and time of a bad accident, and instead of letting that become an event that probably had something to with shaping who they are, they allow the event to become an anniversary of sorts each year because the memory is based specifically in time. So, in this respect your thoughts are in control, not your feelings. You remember something as a thing that happened outside of yourself, happened to someone else, and use this way of remembering the event to bury your own feelings about the event, and thus linear time becomes a prison which creates a stress in your life every anniversary.

The better thing would be to go back to that memory and bring it into the present. Feel how you felt, not how you think the person the event happened to, felt. Sense what the event was telling you, and understand the change that occurred within you, the effect in your own life journey. Be grateful for it, thank it, love it, and let go of it. Let go of it in linear time.

As an aside being late all the time is still being a prisoner to linear time, you just think you are rebelling maybe, but you are still looking at time as a process, not living outside time.

The more you can let go of events in linear time, the more you can live outside time, not worry about time, and paradoxically, you will find you will always be on time, and even more importantly will have time for everything, for all things, for all possibilities.

While writing this I am trying to consider if I still have anything that may be stuck in time, but the universe is not showing me anything at this point. I meditate most days and any time and thought memories that need to be let go, are let go. Every memory that comes in to the present is remembered as a feeling, a path change, something that gave me a choice to make. I can remember the years when certain things happened, and I can remember certain events in my life, but I now don’t consider events in linear time, they are links in the quantum field of energy. They are part of my energy field because they have affected the energy vibration that is my energy signature in the universe.

My guide asked me how I knew when I was connected to a person in an energetic healing capacity when I hadn’t actually met them, didn’t know them. She was talking about her sister specifically. At that moment my answer was that I couldn’t really tell her. I just sensed it and knew it was that person.

Today though I was given a deeper sense of how I know and this is it. Everything and Everybody has a unique energetic vibration based on the events of their life that have created path choices. It is like we start with the perfect song and as we walk along our path a thing may happen that changes the song slightly, and this resonates in the energy vibration that is you, and becomes part of your unique vibration, your address. Once you have connected to that address you will remember it energetically, like knowing the first word of the song when the first chord is played. The more powerful the event the deeper the vibrational change I suppose. 

From the point of view of self-healing, the only way to understand what makes up your own vibration is to put everything outside of linear time, be grateful for past events that have made you who you are, love who you are, and go deep into the energetic field that is you. Slowly you will find your own field, and after that will connect to other energetic fields. The process is different for everyone, for some it is a spiritual journey, for others a leap into the science of quantum physics, for me it is both.

Another piece of the path to understanding how I know who I am connected to, came to me yesterday evening. I was watching a program (Rewired by Dr. Joe Dispenza) about the pineal gland (the gland in our brain that gives us seratonin to wake us up each day, and melatonin to put us into a deep healing sleep each night). This gland is amazing. It is why (I believe) we can connect so strongly to crystal vibrations. It is made up of crystals. It is our very own crystal.,their%20structure%20and%20piezoelectric%20properties.

As I went into meditation today my intent was to understand how I know individual vibrations, how to find the address:

First I look for the pineal gland, pushing energy up into the brain from the sacrum, solar plexus and heart chakras. I have asked the amethyst crystal to join me as well. The crystal is strongly linked to the third eye chakra. The pineal gland is thought to be the third eye. Slowly I start to sense the gland as I go into the centre of my brain. I can sense a pulse in my body and a feeling of butterflies in my stomach. I sense my energetic field and draw the connections to me, the events that are like little lights, points of light, orbiting within my field, orbiting me I suppose. I am connecting strongly to the pineal gland and also sense the amethysts vibration now. I can feel a glow, a humming, a vibration strengthening, expanding outwards from me, from my heart, and then my head is pulsing like the onset of an awful headache. It is pounding and I allow the pounding to expand outwards, give it as much space as it needs and the throbbing releases into softness and light. I can feel my wrists pulsing now as well. I am now Nowhere. Seeing waves going outwards into Nothing, into space which is not even space. There is no time. No body. Just everything and nothing. Just vibrations. 

Now I remember the intent, look for other vibrations. I can sense layers of vibrations. I can feel those vibrations of those close to me, those I know physically, family, friends, animals I have or have met. I can sense the address of each one and that vibration becomes an understanding of the events that have given their vibration its song. Looking at the horses first I sense small notes that are mostly environmental, that have made their individual energy field what it is. I know there are stronger impacts I have seen the details of some of them but only now am I beginning to understand. I sense the people I have come into contact with physically and can see their stories. I connected to someone I met only once, but who affected me strongly, and could sense a strong vibration that is made up of an earth connection and an animal connection, and also a sense of a deep ripple that is a people effect. I don’t know details but it is his pattern.

Nothing is separate. The vibration of someone you know you can find as you have an affect on their field as much as they affect yours, then follow that deeper. Follow a specific vibration from that person to the next, to somebody else that has had an affect on them. Because of this they have affected you indirectly but it has still affected your vibration in some tiny way, is a part of your address. All is one.

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