Imagine you are connected to everything and enjoy the adventure..

This is a bit of a ramble but that is sometimes how I get things out of my head so I can come back into the present. I ramble with my pen.

I came across a write up that Belle, the cat, led me to a while back (November 2021), about my understanding of crystal healing and how I don’t need to have the crystals to sense the power and balancing of them, or Earth Power as I like to label it. All I needed to do was connect and sense the balancing through a colour, or sound, which I believe is the vibration, more experienced crystal healers talk of.

I love to write. I find it healing. it is my way of releasing, and also sharing. More and more though, I find I want to write things in a simpler way, and yet the topics are getting more complex. I want to write in a way we can all feel and understand, using words like ‘sound’ instead of ‘vibration’, or ‘colours’ instead of ‘chakras’ or ‘crystals’. And today I want to try and explain how to feel connected to our earth and everything in it.

I meet people who want to ‘be connected’. It is as though they can feel something but can’t find the route to the word and what it means. This is because it is felt as a ‘want’ rather than an ‘allow’. You can be connected if you allow it. The want is a block. And here I am trying to simplify a concept and probably not succeeding very well.

So here goes..

Using an amazing ability we all have is a way of feeling the connection, finding out what it is. Our Imagination.

I will already have lost many with that word, imagination, because we have been taught to think of imagination as unreal, fantasy, fiction, deja-vu, etc, etc. But try something. Instead of thinking about the word imagination as something unreal, think of it as a word to describe ‘connection’. It is our strongest route to learning what connection feels like.

I nearly booked a safari retreat so I could go and swim with dolphins before I get too old. But, before I booked I felt a question come up. Why? And there are many ways to follow the why which I won’t go into here. What I was being told to remember was that I could go swimming with dolphins any time I like, by connecting with them (in the same way I don’t need to have crystals to know their power). Both the dolphins and us are part of the energy that creates our universe, so we are connected. I don’t need a physical connection. And here is where people may leave, believing I am talking nonsense, because they were conditioned to believe that imagination is not real.

I challenge you to keep following me..

Shut your eyes and bring the sea into your mind. Is it calm or rough,? Is it warm or cold? What colour is it? What does it smell like?

If you are on a boat, jump in. If you are on a beach wade in? Imagine the feel of the water on your skin.

Group of dolphins jumping from the sea (Atlantic Ocean, Madeira Island).

Drop below the surface of the water into the quiet depths. Relax and think of a dolphin. And wait.

If nothing happens and other thoughts start to pop into your head then you are blocking your connection. You are blocking your imagination. Let all that wash away in the sea. Wave it goodbye and tell yourself you are going swimming with dolphins.

Think of a dolphin and wait. You will know when the pod arrives because you will hear it. You will feel it like goose-bumps on your skin, a tingling sensation of anticipation. You will feel the invitation from the dolphins and it is up to you to accept. Allow the connection. I will let you decide the fun you are going to have!

Don’t forget to come back!

What this connection enables is that you can enjoy and understand so much about our environment and universe without being hindered by your physical body, your finances, or logistics.

But first you have to break down your learning about imagination.

Our imagination is a doorway to connection. It is a starting point, and later it can be honed. I struggle to even use the word ‘imagination’ now, but it is always about using language we can all relate to, so we can all connect. Connection is not a mystery for the few to enjoy. It is available to us all.

Understanding how our imagination can disconnect us.

When we are not connected we are blocking ourselves. No-one else is doing that to you. Something will have happened in the past. We will have reacted and created a behaviour associated with that. Over time our imagination adds drama to that, and bit by bit, the way we remember something, becomes distorted, and the way we behave in response to something similar becomes more dramatic, more reactionary.

The term ‘it is in your imagination’ is a true one. You can use your imagination to disconnect as easily as you can use it to connect. When we ‘think’ something bad may happen if we do a certain action, we are imagining it. We have so often been taught, or conditioned, if you prefer, to imagine bad outcomes, that we have forgotten that the outcome could be anything. We can’t predict the future.

Think about when you were a child. You can almost sense when your imagination started becoming the list of things to fear. One minute you are imagining a particular adventure with your friends in the playground as though you are really there. The next you are imagining how it would feel to break your neck because you were running in the corridor and someone had said that harm will come to you if you do that.

Unfortunately our fear imagination (disconnection) is re-enforced by those who are our teachers/guardians, and our play imagination (connection) is frowned upon.

So enough of my ramblings. Go and play like you are there! Connect and enjoy, and most of all – Believe!.

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