Healing always requires a heart connection..

An interesting meditation this morning, concentrating mostly on the heart energy centre. Once I felt it was in balance, I asked Aventurine (a green crystal) if she would help me expand my heart vibration further, project it out. Once engaged the sensation was amazing. It felt very soft and gentle, and yet strong and vibrant. As I was sensing into this, and enjoying the feelings going through my energy centres, the words ‘First Do No Harm’ came into my head. This was interesting because earlier in the week I had been discussing ‘influence’ with my son. How much do we influence others around us?

Think of it like the Covid ‘R’ number. If we are angry at something how many other people do we affect with that anger? If we affect 3 people, and they affect 3 more each, and so on, we can create a very angry neighbourhood, very quickly. If we are happy about something the same thing applies. If we extend our heart vibrations outwards, that will have an influence on those around us, people, animals, the environment. Our heart sends out a vibration like a drum every time it beats. Our emotions change the frequency of that vibration. If you are aware of your energetic vibration you can send out a lot of love and joy with every heart beat. If you live in a place of fear, every time your heart beats, you send out a beat of fear. If you are aware of your energetic vibration you can learn to let through fear vibrations so they have no affect on your energy. Amazing!

‘First do no harm’……..The majority of us would consider we never do harm. We have been conditioned to think of harm as physical harm; hurting somebody else, abusing somebody else, etc. Yet the harm that came to me was deeper than that. Conditioning that creates an environment of fear or hate is doing harm. Conditioning that does not allow compassion is doing harm. The list is probably endless. I didn’t create an intellectual list, I just sensed what ‘First Do No Harm’ really means. I was being told to always start at the heart connection. In this way it is not possible to do harm.

I sensed that a consistent strong heart connection will influence the vibrations of the hearts around me, will create a ripple, or wave, of wellbeing. It is easy to write this down and it is not so difficult to find the heart energy centre when in meditation, but it is not so easy to be within that sense all of the time, not yet anyway. It is so easy to forget that the heart should always come first in every communication. So easy to revert back to conditioned behaviour, particularly if something triggers a response that is deeply conditioned.

Then as I was considering just taking this sense of peace I had found within my heart energy, I sensed that I should send a heart vibration to my friends’ dog, whose healing I am currently privileged to witness, and I got a strong return, a yes, an invite that was bound in happiness.

I could sense the heart connection she has with her owner, the love is very strong. I then got a strong sense of the Blue Lace Agate crystal that is with the dog, and sensed the heart connection within the crystal. Who knew crystals could love? But their vibrations are like songs to me, and the more I practice the stronger I sense the beauty of those songs.

I could feel the dogs’ heart wrapped in the crystals’ song, and then I got a very strong sense of bones, her skeletal structure. I could feel the porosity of bone, the strength of it, like I was touching it physically. There was a sense of building, her system working at building her bones. Later a sponge sensation at the elbows. It was such a strong sensation I could almost feel myself squeezing the sponges softly, sensing the sponginess. Then there was a sense of wings spreading..her front legs spreading out from the spine like wings, totally balanced and very strong. There was a constant feeling of the dog healing herself, and the crystals enhancing, focusing, influencing the healing process. I stayed with this process until it felt right to leave, when I sensed a blissful relaxation within the connection. Just before I left I sensed another of my friends’ dogs come in with her heart, the pack connection, protection and support from the older dog to the younger while she processed and healed.

Every time I connect in this way and am privileged to watch a healing process it amazes me, awes me, and inspires me to keep practicing, taking more and more steps to understanding the strength of our energetic connections within the universe.

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