Wormwood self-selection

I just wanted to share this little video of my guys self-selecting wormwood. There is also a little bit in there as I was also wandering around with a bucket of marine algae to see if anybody wanted any.

Risada shows us really nicely how she is deciding to have some wormwood, and then when she has had enough. Neige comes in and has a little, then stops and then comes back later. Chocolate just swings the bucket around, as though to say ‘this isn’t very nice!’. The other two didn’t come round while the video was going but I have left the bucket hanging up so will be interesting to see how much is left tomorrow. Both the ponies had a lot of algae which has a high salt and mineral content.

Wormwood, like a lot of plants, treats what it says it treats. It is a natural wormer. It will not be eaten unless needed. It shouldn’t be added to food but offered separately. As you can see they don’t necessarily want it, or they only want a few mouthfuls. Putting it in food would just waste it, and could also reduce its efficacy over time. It is the chemicals in the plant that they use when needed. When I offered the herd wormwood leaves from a plant I have growing they preferred to just rub their noses in it and inhaled, they didn’t want to munch on it at all.

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