My Crystal journey

It is all balance

Somebody asked me a little while back how I connected with crystals, and not being used to the question, or talking about crystals in most human company, I found it a little difficult to answer in a specific ‘this is how its done’ way. This is because for everybody it is going to be different. Everybody who connects with crystals teams up with them in a different way. Some sense something and just like having them around. Some work with them very deeply on a healing level.

For me, after an initial introduction by a teacher in energy connection, I became attached to them, and over the last three years the strength of the communication between us has become stronger and stronger. My basic understanding with crystals now comes from a place of rebalancing and, this last 6 months, this understanding of the energy rebalancing and balance maintenance abilities of crystals has become visible with the animals in my care. I believe this is because animals know about the strength of crystals and they have chosen to educate me in this. With humans it is about belief. Belief brings deeper senses into play, and opens up a pathway to learning and discovering the potential.

When I answered the question about how I connected, the simplest way I could explain it was “focus on the colour and feel of the crystal and imagine yourself sitting quietly in the centre of it, and just see what comes into feelings, or you thoughts”. I do this quite often for different reasons, and I get different feedback. You can only explain your personal experience.

In the last few months I have often found that when I drop into a deep meditation place with a particular animal, being in the absolute present with no thoughts running around in my head, a crystal can come into my senses. I know what colour it is and how it feels and, if it is in my small collection, where it is located. On a few occasions I have sensed a need that is not in my collection and follow through with that sense and often find what I am seeking, although it is usually based on colour and shape. Only we give crystals names, they don’t know their own names, anymore than one dog calls another dog by the human name we give them.


It started with my dog, Bandit, last year, although at the time I didn’t realise the depth of what I was sensing. I just felt an instinct to work with two crystals and leave them near him. A year on and he still has those crystals in his bed.

Rhodonite and Quantum Quattro

Neige, my Apaloosa/Arab cross was interesting. She was suffering from Uveitis and we treated that, and then very soon afterwards, when the pain subsided, I found myself sensing a pattern of crystals. First Andalusite came to us very strongly. After a few weeks this felt like it was part of her, and Desert Rose invited itself in linking to Neige and the Andalusite. It felt like the crystals were a team. Then I got a sense of needing both a purple and yellow crystal. I did some research and came upon Scapolite crystals and those came and linked into the pattern. Every time I sense into those crystals and Neige, I sense a strong bond that feels like it is balancing everything to do with her eyes.

Purple scapolite (top), desert rose, yellow scapolite, and andalusite at the bottom

Around September time I was following an instinct to spend some time with Chocolate, the oldest in the herd. There came to me, as we pondered her weight and health, a deep blue and I could feel a pull from the Lapis Lazuli on my crystal table. Its colour wound its way through her entire system during that session, and close to the end I sensed a white crystal come into the connection, and a deepening of the link between Chocolate and myself and the crystals, like a balancing of the energy around us, the natural energy of the earth and the air, with the healing energy of ourselves. I felt very much a part of this healing and that there was something similar to the balancing of my own energy with that of the balancing of Chocolates. The white crystal that came to me was Apophyllite. This crystal had arrived as a free gift with Neiges’ scapolite crystals. Chocolates health has significantly improved since that connection, her feet are healing, she has gained just enough weight to be healthy but not too much. Her winter coat has come in well and she seems to have lost a lot of the back leg stiffness that I was worried may become arthritic.

But mostly what I feel from her is a sense of complete wellbeing despite her age, aches and pains, etc. I learnt that she is in balance. These crystals balance her, and balance my ‘thinking’ with regards to her.

Lapis Lazuli and Apophyllite

Querida demanded acknowledgement after that, sometime in October. She is demanding and demands a lot of herself. When she connects she connects strongly. When she decides to be alone, she is alone strongly. She is a natural pony, strongly grounded and very aware of the energy around us and within us. To her it is not about gently connecting to test what is happening, it is about ‘you asked and so you shall receive!’. The crystal I sensed connecting with her first was Labradorite, a strong magical stone of blood and bone. I sensed this connection had been there a while. Balancing it was the softness of Pink Quartz, mirroring the soft giving of her heart as she balances that with the toughness and strength of her connection with the earth. Blues and greens wander through her energy, with a line of pink along the edge.

Pink Quartz and Labradorite

When I connected to Risada a few weeks ago I deliberately asked a question about crystal energy, her connection specifically. I was starting to understand that these connections, once I sensed them were strong and always there. What came back to me was Amethyst first but it was as though the purple light of this stone was split in half. I sensed it within her head and neck and her hips and tail, but it was as though there was nothing in between. Then a yellow colour started to form around her body. Citrine. A long time ago, early on in my crystal exploration, Ametrine (a combination of amethyst and citrine) had come into a connection when I arranged a healing session for Risada by my teacher. It seems these two crystals are her balancing stones. Risada is a strong mirror for me as well and when I worked with these stones after this session I felt an amazing change of perception regarding crystals, an understanding of this balancing with the rocks beneath our feet. Later sessions found the two crystals flowing and mixing within Risadas connection, and about three weeks later a desire to add Blue Lace Agate, giving a deeper healing connection. I have noticed Risada relaxing more recently, yawning and releasing a lot, and with her changes, a change in myself, as my perspective changes around the true nature of what is meant by ‘everything is connected’.

Amethyst (top) Blue Lace Agate (left) and Citrine

And to Timmy. I have only had two sessions with Timmy and crystals. Most of the sessions Timmy and I have tend to be very much around being totally present and learning how to relax within the moment. The first crystal that came into my connections with him was Smoky Quartz. It felt like it was wrapping him in smoke, protecting him strongly, as though the crystal was holding his emotions for him. I have always had a sense that Timmy has a lot of emotions to release, a number of which relate to his cribbing. Another crystal that came into my awareness was something reddy brown, with a sort of oblong type structure. Whenever I looked for this crystal connection it felt hollow weirdly, as though it was creating openings for energy. After a while I found what I was looking for. Vanadinite. Timmy and I have yet to explore these connections to their depths, but this is Timmy. Slowly and at his pace. We have an amazing depth of trust and to push him emotionally would be to break that trust. These crystals balance him. Should I ask more?

Smoky Quartz and Vanadinite

Me, I wear Clear Quartz all the time, it balances my mind. I think too much, I want to know the reasons, the logic, the why of something. Clear Quartz gives me the ability to allow that I don’t need to know, I can just let it be what it is.

What I have learnt through these last few months is that there is still a lot to learn. I sense the crystal balancing of energy within beings is a natural state of everyday wonder. We don’t need to look for it. It is there. ‘Not believing in it’ is irrelevant. It is there anyway. Crystals are earth. They are beneath our feet. They are part of the very cycle of life. They do not care if we ‘believe’ in them. They do not change what they do. But, if we send out a ‘hello’, they will answer. If we ask to ‘see’ they will help us. They keep a sense of balance for us all, only our minds change that balance, fight against that balance, and unbalance our own selves.

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