My cat, Belle, uses the Trust Technique on another cat that is looking for friendship…

I think my cat, Belle, (the white cat in the video), has been taking in all the learning from the Trust Technique videos I have watched, and decided to help me out this morning with a little young black cat that seems to want to stay with us.

I have seen this cat a couple of times in last two weeks sleeping on top of my hay bales, and I have done a little session once just standing near the bales on top of my feed room and being present. I have noticed that it has some bald patches where it has pulled out its’ long fur. I think it is very nervous but wants to be friends. This video is as close as it has come to me.

When I started I was just hoping for a bit of video to take a couple of stills to put on own local vets website in case this little stray is lost – I don’t think it is as it is very wary of humans. It is obviously looking for a friendly mother cat though.

What I love about this session is how my cat reacts. She doesn’t try and chase it off. She offers friendship and even shows it that it is safe around me as well. Even when the little one marks territory Belle just says ‘Thats okay, now be peaceful’. She is astonishing. As she has decided that we are going to look after this little one, I left some food for it this evening.

The little black cat is hiding between the bales at the beginning. When Belle comes to sit close to me the little cat comes out meowing, like she is saying ‘be careful’ and then it sits down and yawns. Belle jumps towards it but it submits. Belle shows quite well when she is sharing present moment and when she reacts to the other cat and regards her. The little black cat gets peaceful to, as much as it can. Belle finishes the video showing that she now has an invisible lead on the black cat. Enjoy X

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