More crystal healing and tapping sessions with Querida and Risada


After yesterdays interesting sensations following the lazer tapping sessions with Listen to Your Horse I spent a while with Querida this morning in the shelter. This session came with a connection to Labradorite crystal. This session went as follows:

An acknowledgement of the remote connection of the previous day;

Some time coming into the present moment together, listening to each other and blending our peaceful energy;

Then I asked the wind and the labradorite crystal to help us release our emotional and physical pain. I sensed the colours of the crystal wafting through Queridas body. I sensed the wind and our emotions around her laminitis floating away. I asked mother earth to ground us as we healed, absorbing whatever we could release.

It was a beautiful session combining the elements and the connection. I could sense her trust in the process. I could sense how much she has let go of in the recent past regarding how safe and secure she feels, and I could sense a feeling of love and trust between us.


I spent a little bit of time with Risada in the field this afternoon creating the present moment and asking her to share. She was engaged for a while showing me her feet an neck and legs, but when I asked to strengthen that connection and bring in the citrine crystal she disengaged. I tried again to check but then she got a bit cross with me, so I softened the healing connection and brought it back to just sharing the present moment, whereby she came up to me and nudged me. I touched her head briefly with a little healing energy and she accepted that, licking and chewing and then left.

I left her, saying thank you, and considered if there was anything more we could do maybe from a greater distance.

I went back to the tapping video and did another session with Risada from a distance, which she engaged with quite strongly. I now feel that she disengaged with the outside session because I was focussed to much on what I had picked up yesterday, instead of starting afresh and asking her about things as they were right now in that moment.

During this session there was a major change in what came up. This time I sensed her right ovary and an orange burning sensation. I went through the whole tapping process and felt a release at the end where the colour changed and everything came back to perfection.

It is always interesting with Risada’s healing sessions for both her and me. It is not just her healing, but each time she teaches me something too, particularly about accepting, renewing, and being completely present.

Don’t bring old problems to new moments. The past is gone. The future hasn’t happened yet. There is only now and here in the present is the truth of this moment.

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