In Presence we are One.

In the last 3 weeks or so my left knee and hip, and right shoulder have been causing me some problems. It feels like a twist somewhere.

I have had this little niggle for a long time, years I think, but like all of us, just got used to it, and compensated. But, now, my body is forcing me to take a deeper look, and I have taken on the challenge and done some emotional and spiritual work with myself, changing my perspective on some old ‘stuff’ and letting it go.

Acknowledgement, forgiveness, behaviour assessment, and perspective changes, all come into play for every physical ailment if we are willing to explore it. It has been a deep journey this time, but rewarding as always.

I got to a place where I felt there was nothing more here except the physical and I could just feel the twist in my body now needing to unwind itself.

I decided I would give it some help and book an acupuncture appointment (which I still may do), but as I was thinking of sorting this out this morning, I felt compelled to go and talk to Risada.

Risada has had some physical shoulder and hip issues too. Right shoulder, left hip and back leg. She showed a lot at our last farrier visit when she was very uncomfortable putting her right back leg up and back for a trim, but was okay with it being held forward and under her. It felt like the relief I get when I squat down to relieve held tension in my sacrum and legs.

So, she has right shoulder, left hip, stiffness and soreness. I have right shoulder, left hip stiffness and soreness. Spooky!

Are we sharing something that is coming out in our physical bodies now? Are we taking on each others pain? Is that possible for long periods of time? Who should I call the acupunctuarist for?

As I mentioned, I had felt compelled to go and talk to Risada. I went into Presence with her, and felt I should put my hands on her hips, so I did. I don’t often feel the need to put hands on a horse these days, and I am grateful for this, because if I was constantly touching her I don’t think I would have felt what I did. I try to only touch if requested.

Going into presence with my hands on her hips, I was given a very vivid image of a twist in the hips that was causing stiffness and compensatory effects. I felt it in both of us at the same time. Is it hers? Is it mine? Who is sharing what? Does that matter? I think she was telling me that it doesn’t.


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