Healing responses in the Present Moment

Balancing within the healing collective

We are part of everything and everything is part of us…

Practicing being present with Chocolate is always a lovely way to spend some time. When we first started doing sessions it was mostly about just finding my place of non-thinking and just being with her and sensing her total connection with everything around her.

More recently these sessions have become stronger and stronger and I can sense the healing connection. It is about understanding her ability to heal herself and let go of what needs to be let go emotionally and physically. It is about me letting go more and more of my need to solve her problems or ‘fix’ her. It is a long process, as these feelings of wanting to fix problems with my animals is very deep seated. Society bred me as a problem solver and those responses are deeply ingrained.

It is a spiral of personal development for me as the more I let go the more she heals herself, as though my holding on to my fears of failing her, of needing to fix her for my own benefit, are holding her back.

When her crystals showed themselves to me, I did about 3 sessions with them and Chocolate, using meditation and energy connection techniques, following the crystal connection like a coloured path lighting my way. I could sense the healing going on and it was humbling to even consider I had any part of this. But, in a way I was part of it, because I had to heal myself by letting go of the illusion that it was all about what I could do, and also release the other side of that process, the illusion that I was not a part of the process at all. It is all about the balance of everything as a healing collective.

We are part of everything and everything is part of us.

The video shows a session today with Chocolate. At points in the video she shows strong physical releases, the first one of which is so strong it made me jump. After this first release I spent a little moment with Risada, working with how close she was comfortable with me being to her today.

All the mares settled into the session at first. Timmy was not that interested but he stayed in the shelter. Sometimes he will leave straight away. Neige stayed with us at a distance but through the whole session. Querida stayed until that first release from Chocolate and then went back to eating. After a little moment with Risada I went back to connect with Chocolate and we had a couple more smaller physical releases and some chin quivering, licking and chewing. All little releases. A lovely session for them and for me. The total session was about an hour and half.


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