Healing emotions that manifest as laminitis with Chocolate – 6th April 2021

Video summary

  1. The invite to participate in the Present Moment
  2. Chocolate is aware of the healing energy and my present moment
  3. Cautiously asking about emotions and/or trauma in her life that manifests as laminitis
  4. She takes a step towards me and releases down her neck and through the spine
  5. Asking her if she can bring the emotions into the present moment. She turns and faces me directly and I can feel a deep connection with her as we create a shared energetic space. You can see her eyes are not totally closed, but opening and closing almost trance like as she brings her emotions up.
  6. She comes right in as close as she can get without touching me and we spend a long time here, her bringing her emotions into the present and me holding space.
  7. She releases and starts to go into a deeper healing space
  8. Timmy interrupts (he often does this when emotions start getting up- lol)
  9. She doesn’t leave yet and we go back into the present moment. I start to disengage slowly by delivering a lot of love and gratitude and thanks, but I didn’t want to leave abruptly as it was a deep session.
  10. I get another sense of the physical issues now rather than the emotions causing the physical, and then physically releases again with stretches, and starts to relax into more of a sleepy state rather than a healing place.
  11. I deliver more love and thanks to release us both from the present moment and and Timmy collapses to rest. It is amazing how much the rest of the herd can support or take what they need from a healing session with one of them.
  12. I follow Timmy’s example and release myself and sit on the hay bale. Chocolate then gets her body moving and yawns out a release just behind the hay bale.

A phenomenal session with Chocolate this morning which lasted about an hour and 15 mins. It is a place where we are starting to look at transferring the knowledge that, when we have physical issues as humans they are usually caused by emotional triggers that could go back a long way, so why wouldn’t this be the case with animals too.

Firstly we just joined together, Chocolate and I, in finding a peaceful place and going into the present moment. We have already done this many times but without an intent. Slowly she relaxed into it more and more. I started to sense a sharing of the present. I regarded her often to see if I could sense any physical issues. Both the ponies were a little foot sensitive this morning. Having loads of sun during the day and the hard cold frosts at night is causing the grass to put a lot of energy out to grow. 

After a while it came to me to ask a different question of her regarding her feet. I asked her in feeling terms ‘What trauma or emotion is causing the pain?’ You can see in the video how she responded to to the question. She starts to get closer and closer to me and then turns to face me directly (5th section of video). It was quite amazing. I kept returning to sharing the present moment with her and asking her if she could bring these emotions into the present and let them go. When I regarded her during this period I got a sense of what I can only describe as heavy air moving, drifting. I got fleeting images of places and could feel her as a youngster, always a sense of being closed in emotionally, not necessarily physically. The emotional cage (for want of a better word) felt quite sad inside.

We spent a long time being present with these senses and feelings. At one point I asked her about the physicality of these emotions and she stretched down with her neck and stretched her left back leg out behind her. She did this again later when I was starting to thank her and consider coming out I got a sense of the physical within her more than the emotional (10th section of video)

There was a lot of going in and out between the emotional and physical senses, and being totally in the present moment, to enable the emotions to come into the present and release. 

I am not going to try and put intellectual assessment into this yet – we will see what happens over the next few weeks. Chocolate will need time to process the emotional release. We will need to see if there is more that needs to release. This will also affect her physical health, which will take time, as the body doesn’t just instantly heal when emotions are released.

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