Everything is exactly as it should be.

Everything happens as it should is a difficult one to understand, particularly if right now something not so nice is happening. The trick is to learn about this when it is something you can work with, or enjoy. Then you have techniques to be able to understand and go with it when what is happening is deeper and/or scarier.

Something happened to me today that is a great example of this. I let three of my horses into a field this morning because Timmy was being a little aggressive and pushy while I was collecting their hay nets from the track posts. Usually they get a pasture in the afternoons.

When I did this though, Querida (who along with Risada, is off grass at night and muzzled during the day) ducked under the fence to their yard and came sauntering down the track to the field, leaving Risada behind, who was starting to get anxious. When Querida got near me she kicked up her back legs and cantered past me (nothing wrong with her feet!).

I decided to let her be . I could feel the desire to catch her and muzzle her come up, but it didn’t feel like it came from a peaceful place. It came from annoyance and frustration, so it wasn’t the right decision. Letting her be for the day felt right.

Risada still stuck in the yard was getting a bit frantic so I went to her, told her it was okay, brought the thinking levels down and muzzled her, then let her out with the others. That went better than it had in the last couple of days, so that was also meant to be.

Here is the real learning though of this event. Although it seemed to be around the pony escaping and Risada getting anxious, it wasn’t. I could have fixated on that, but by saying to myself ‘what am I supposed to learn from all this and allowing it to come to me from a peaceful perspective, the perspective that ‘everything is as it is meant to be’, I realised that what I really needed to work with, within myself, was my reaction to Timmy. That is what triggered everything so that is the feeling that I need to find peace with. The feeling that comes up when he starts getting pushy, snaking at me with his neck, trying to bite, and also striking with his forelegs. I have a feeling I am sharing that is causing that behaviour.

I will use techniques developed by The Trust Technique to find out where it comes from and make peace with it. Only then will I be able to work with Timmy to find peace when he is showing me those behaviours. I can’t do that yet, so I react rather than respond.

So if something happens, acknowledge that it is exactly as it is meant to be, then ask yourself what you can learn from it.

For more information on how you can understand and change your own feelings around your animal partners, and how your feelings affect your animals behaviour please go to the ‘Do you want to know peace of mind with your animals?‘ page.

Alternatively go to www.Trust-Technique.com

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