A lot of woo-woo…

Remote energy healing connections, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping, crystal healing and how everything is coming together..

I was watching an amazing instructional follow along video from ‘Listen to your Horse’ on accessing the areas of concern in laminitics and releasing the emotional element of laminitis. Something I am exploring deeply with my herd and myself.

I decided to follow the video lesson with Querida yesterday evening, and then with Risada today.

As those of you that follow me know, I do remote healing / witness sessions with my animal family, utilising energy connections, meditative grounding sessions, and sometimes asking and connecting to the elements from time to time, or if called to do so I carry out crystal healing sessions. I follow my intuition and just connect with whatever spirit comes in strongly. I don’t necessarily know intellectually why certain connections feel stronger at certain times, or how these things work. I just believe they do.

When I was watching this video the first time I could sense the strength of it and when I connected in remotely with Querida while watching it I sensed she was open to it. I started the video again and followed on, and when I asked “If this imbalance lived somewhere in my body where might it be?” I got a visualisation of Querida’s reproductive system. When I then asked “If this condition had a colour shape and texture what might it be?” It felt like a big greeny/blue/grey moving ball of something.

When I did this with Risada this afternoon and asked the same questions I found myself visualising a sort of laying down yellow crescent in her forehead.

When I feel into those with my energy and senses and consider the colours and location I would say that for Querida we are looking at a hormonal issue that could be released through accessing the heart and throat chakras and rebalancing, which speaks very much towards her breathing issues as well.

For Risada I feel it is about deepening a change in perception (through the third eye located in the forehead) that could be accessed through working with her solar plexus chakra, which is interesting because a couple of days ago I was just standing with her to see how deeply in the present moment she could be and how she would react to that request, and I saw a sort of physical wave run through her torso from the diaphragm backwards – a bit like if you breathe in deeply through your diaphragm and then let the air out and roll your core muscles out one by one except I can’t do it backwards, mine roll upwards or what would be forwards on a horse.

And even more woo-woo than that: If you go back to my crystal journey post you will read that for Querida her crystals were pink quartz and labradorite – pink quartz links to the heart and love, labradorite is green/blue/black and a strong healing stone. For Risada it was amethyst – the third eye crystal for perception and perspective, and citrine for the solar plexus.

All these links coming together now blow me away.

The other interesting thing that happened. When I followed this process with Risada I was outside with the herd. She really acknowledged the first step, when I was connecting and ‘becoming’ her, and then went back to eating. This doesn’t mean she wasn’t within the connection in spirit though. Timmy became a little fascinated for a while. The video was going and he came to a nearby post to crib, but stopped and just focussed on me intently like he was trying to work out intellectually what was going on. He could feel something but couldn’t work it out. He still lives a lot in his head. He then yawned deeply and left his post.

If you want to know more about EFT Tapping for your own healing you can go to the EFT International link.

Listen to your horse also provides a free session for yourself if you want to give it a try and see how it feels.

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