The Animal Connection and Beyond Association is offering three levels of membership, Explorer, Learner, and Participant. Here you can find out more about becoming a Learner.

Come and explore how the four understandings of Animal Connection and Beyond can change you and your animals relationship, and also your relationship with yourself. We look at how to learn to create connection by exploring unconditional love and what that really is. We explore why vulnerability is a strength and not a weakness and understand how being vulnerable creates trust. We discuss how to regard each other and ourselves to understand the feelings we are sharing with each other, and from here we can create communication, with any being, that is based in awareness.

An invitation to join a monthly webinar which will have one of the four understanding as a theme each month. You will be invited to ask questions about how the four understandings can be applied to yourself and your relationships with others, whether they are animal or human, and also share your stories regarding your relationship with your animal(s).

A quarterly news letter updating you on the research and development the Association is carrying out and its progress.

Access to recordings of the monthly webinars so you don’t have to miss out if you can’t make it.

Access to a variety of exercises that relate to the four understandings, that you can do yourself and/or with your animal

Membership of the Community Group

An invitation to the Association Members Annual General Meeting

The terms and conditions of membership will apply once payment is received. Please take the time to read them before proceeding.

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