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Do you have an animal with a chronic physical condition, such as cushings, laminitis, or uveitis, that is a condition that affects the day to day general health and wellbeing of your animal, and is generally understood to be manageable, but unlikely to be cured?

Do you have an animal with a chronic behavioural condition such as crib biting, head shaking, resource guarding, that is a behaviour that has become habitual for seemingly no reason, and is likely to be a trauma response to something from the past?

Do you feel like you are on a treadmill of managing the condition and would like to try something a little alternative?

What will I receive as a Volunteer?

As a volunteer you and your animal will be supported through a program of learning mindfulness techniques, deepening the connection between you and your animal, and creating communication with awareness.

You will explore how the four understandings of Animal Connection and Beyond can change you and your animals relationship, and also your relationship with yourself. We will support you as you

– learn to create connection by being present in the moment and exploring unconditional love and what that really is;

– explore why vulnerability is a strength and not a weakness and understand how being vulnerable creates trust between you and your animal;

– learn how to regard each other and yourself and understand the feelings that are shared between you; and

– communicate with awareness.

You will receive a minimum of Two Trust Technique Consultations, an action plan for you and your animal reviewed and updated on a monthly basis, and Participant Level Membership to the Association for the duration of your volunteer contract.

What does the Association receive?

The Animal Connection and Beyond team will record, based on your journey through this program:

how the physical condition of your animal changes, if at all; and/or

how the behaviour of your animal changes, if at all; and/or

how your relationship with the animal and to the condition changes; if at all.

Their is an intention to publish the findings so others can learn from the program. This will likely be in the form of a written detailed case study of your journey, backed up by videos and photographs.

What do I have to commit to?

There is a level of commitment required of the Volunteer to follow the action plan which could include, but is not limited to :

– Daily practices of mindfulness techniques of at least 10 minutes per day;

– Journaling your daily practices, including how you feel & how your animal responds to you and sharing these with the team;

– Attending personal monthly action plan reviews

– Taking part in consultations include Trust Technique Consultations, and may also include other types of consultations including Reiki for your animals, as an example.

– Attending (or listening to the recordings of) group monthly webinars and group coaching sessions

How do I become a Volunteer

If you would like to find out more you can read the Articles of Association and the Terms and Conditions summarising yours and our obligations, and then complete the registration form below. Links to the documentation are below.

There are three stages to acceptance as a volunteer:

– Stage 1 : We will assess the registration form and contact to you to arrange a call if you have been accepted.

– Stage 2 would be a video call with you to discuss your animal in more detail.

– Stage 3 is a full consultation with you and with your animal

From these initial stages we will define a rolling action plan which would be reviewed monthly.

In the event that you are not accepted as a volunteer it is possible to become a Participant Member of the association and still receive an action plan which the team will review with you on a quarterly basis. There would be no obligation to report your findings on a daily basis, and you would follow your action plan at your own pace.

Please read the Articles of Association, Terms and Conditions of Membership and the Associated Volunteer Appendix.

Please complete the form below to register your interest in becoming a volunteer.

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