I am Yvonne , 56 years old, and moved from the Netherlands to France with my husband and our animals in 2008.  As a child I learned to ride ponies at a riding school, and even then I loved being among horses. Lessons and competitions were never my thing. I preferred going into the woods.

The first horse that came into my family was an Irish Cob, Murphy. Green as grass and 600 kilos of horsepower. This introverted big giant is my teacher , my buddy, my friend and at over 20 years old is now a wise old man.

From my profession as a nurse in disability care before moving to France, I gained a lot of experience in guiding people in their lives and growth,  exploring together and defining  learning objectives to assist them in living as who they are, loving themselves as individuals, whatever their challenges.

In France we built and ran a campsite á la ferme and gîtes , with a lot of love and pleasure. By then, the herd had expanded to include another 5 Irish Cob’s, 2 ponies and 2 donkeys. Each had its own role in our, and our guests, lives.

The horses on the campsite helped me enormously over the years to give guests, big and small, moments of happiness. Through all those relaxing outdoor rides, but even more so, all those individual moments together, where they could show true emotion with their energy and presence.

After many years, we thought it was time to have more time for ourselves. We sold our business and moved to a small farm with three horses, Murphy, Britt and Guiness, andour dogs. More time for me also meant more time for my own path, who I am , where I stand and finding more depth of connection with the horses.

Since the move, my Irish Cob mare, Britt has developed body problems and is regularly lame for which there is no obvious reason. Britt is my mirror and has a powerful gentle personality. She put me on the path to take part in an introductory weekend of fascia release and meeting special horsewomen. This is how I came into contact with Karen and introduction to the Trust Technique Method. A world opened up for me. Grateful for more and more tools in my tool box to help my horses but also myself, I said yes, to being asked to volunteer to help start the Association.

Like my youngest Irish Cob Guinness, I am curious about the things we will encounter on this road, what challenges we will face and discoveries we will make. I am confident that my role and place in this special team will become clearer during this ride, and beautiful encounters will be allowed to follow.

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