Warrior Children

Education begins the moment we see children as innately wise and capable beings. Only then can we play along in their world.

11th August 2020

“This morning going into the inbetween place the heartbeat was stronger. Letting go of the support path opened another path. A sense of children, a lot of them, from children still in the womb, to older children, young adults. Many children.

A wave of children coming up the path. Turning looking in the other direction. Old people, ancient people, the horses, the herds, the animals, the sea creatures, the insects, all opening a path, standing aside, unblocking the light. Opening the way for the children. Following the children into the light. Warrior children. A sense of a ripple turning to a wave.”

The support path I mention above was something I was holding on to in two ways. Firstly my guide and mentor has been called to another purpose for a while, and I hadn’t realised how bereft I felt. Lost. Her purpose was to support the emotional healing of her sister and family due to the enormous loss of her sisters child, and the physical healing of her sister’s many injuries, all due to an accident. At first I supported the healing but after a few days I started to feel blocked. On the 11th August I went into a meditation and followed these feelings, followed the sense of being blocked.

I sensed a different heartbeat in my place, in my energy, my in-between place. A path opening up. What I had been resisting was letting go of the support path. A sense of the trees supporting the letting go. The support path is an opening up, a catalyst, a wave of energy and light towards those that were teetering on the edge of knowing. My energy touched this path but is not needed now. The last three years work with Camille (my guide) has led to this point, this separation of purpose. Nothing is separate though. A different purpose, a parallel purpose? I don’t know yet.” Then the above words came to me about children. This is not the first time children have come into my meditations in recent times.

And then the visitors arrived. My step daughter and partner and their 4 children. I have 7 grand children aged (at this point in time) 3, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, and 17, none related by blood. This is probably not a bad thing. It allows me to enjoy them for who they are, to sense their energy, to be engaged with them rather than disciplining them. It is part of my journey to engage with the children. Not having had the responsibility of trying to rear children in this world I have a unique perspective. I have the freedom to explore different avenues, to share the energy of each child, and to show them alternatives. To show them gaps in the hedges that line the edges of their individual paths, and maybe, by sharing these connections, the children will create ripples within the universe that will reach out and change the way we look at our lives, will enable evolution rather than revolution. They arrived to teach me, so I listened.

I have shared meditation and crystal healing sessions with the oldest two on a few occasions over the past year. The first connection I did during this visit was a physical healing connection with the 9 year old.

13th August 2020

Inviting her in today, her beautiful smiling face. Inside the amethyst. The amethyst is protecting her. Oak tree is there. He has held her for a while. Rain pitter patter softly. A leopard perfectly formed arrives. (Her spirit guide?)

Connecting with the healing intelligence. Desert Rose Crystals. Straight into a space (between the occipital condyles?). They feel pushed apart. Sensing the edges of them. Feeling a sensation like running thumbs down the inside edges, slowly pushing something out. An obstruction, but not solid / no density, lack of solid substance. Then into the jaw line  and into the back of the tongue and the throat. These ease and I am in the shoulders, a point laterally both ways from the T1/C7 area of the spine. A drop into the ribs, then back into the head.

A mucus type sensation in the throat. Back into the skull and a sense of reshaping of the skull both sides, a dropping at the back and a raising at the front (maybe the mandible – coronoid /condylar process.) She wants to leave now. Enough for today. Back of head feels wider more open now.

On the 14th August I invited the 7 year old to meditate with me..

Meditation with him today. First time. Interesting because although he wouldn’t shut his eyes or acknowledge doing a meditation he relaxed. I told him that he could leave any time but he stayed for at least 20 minutes. He did say quite repetitively that it was all weird, which was interesting because normally he would just say he was bored and wanted to go. The emphasis he put on the word weird I suspect was that he was feeling something. I did do a relaxation technique with him where I meditated and connected energetically (not physically) and then worked down both sides of his spine from the head to the centre of the back and that is probably what he could sense but not understand.

During this meditation I played some celtic rhythm music. A few days later I did a meditation on my own with Shamanic drums but invited my grandson’s energy to connect.

17th August 2020

Meditating with the Shamanic Drums today. I think the rituals and calling in and connecting to multiple beings is tiring me but it is my journey I can feel that, but at the moment they are not long sessions.

After a long time of just engaging with the drums and deepening my meditation I sensed a fire. I invited him and suddenly he was there in my arms, sitting in front of me looking at the fire. A snake then joined us and wrapped itself around both of us like a caress. The snake then sat the other side of the fire swaying in time with the drums / our heartbeats.  Us all looking into the flames.

Then the Oak was there, and suddenly the old Willow Trees I connected with briefly down at the play-park yesterday. A beautiful surprise. They are lovely and their branches are swaying. Then my grandson leaves my arms and there is a weird sensation of the two trees and the snake taking him into them.

Then slowly it is just the snake is him and he is the snake. It is moving through him all over inside and out. It feels deeply cleansing. Then he is back in my arms once more. I am holding him and looking for a heart connection. There is a sensation of a broken connection somewhere that is healing. The connection within him of love for himself? I am not sure, but we slowly come out of the meditation.

On the 21st August 2020 a few things happened that showed me that sometimes one child can be a catalyst for many changes in energetic perceptions, if we but listen to the vibrations instead of the words.

An interesting day yesterday. The 9 year old was the catalyst for a lot of things coming to a head.. She caused me to lose my temper with the 11 and 12 year old, but when I went to talk to them I could sense that there was something deeper wrong, so we talked for a long time, both of them starting to understand that the most important things in their life are themselves. Friends will come and go and change as needed.

Then after we all came inside and everybody was talking too loudly my grandson came and asked me to put on some calming music. I put on the shamanic drums and flute . He sat with me for a while just listening and then I asked him to look for my heartbeat and he sensed its rhythm and beat it out for me. Then his uncles, and he sensed that to. He likes the calm and quiet. (Although I had invited him energetically into a connection when I was meditating with the drums this was the first time he had physically heard them). Then the 9 year old joined us for a while and then the 11 year old and finally the 13 year old. The 11 year old found herself in a place in the trees by a river. She drew that this morning in a picture. I had asked the 13 year old to see if she could sense her spirit animal. In the brief moments that I could feel into her I sensed a gorilla. Later on I told her and asked her to look it up and we had a discussion around the messages of the gorilla spirit guide.

The grandson was great because he told his Dad he should do the meditation as well. He is very aware of his energy I think, even if he couldn’t explain it. He can sense me when I am using my energetic field. This is good because I think we will be able to connect often after they go home. I think this will be possible with all of the kids.

The entire visit was an opening for me, deepening my connections, finding new paths and sensing ways to sow seeds. I did a shallow meditation the other day (can’t remember exactly when). I could sense the children like warriors rising in the East. I was listening to them. I got a sense of the adult conversations being just a fog on the other side of the hedge.

Intellectually it feels like the two sets of parents are opposites egotistically. One set are controlling / labelling / trying to fit the kids into the world. The other set are undisciplined / lacking the ability to guide / showing no curiosity. It almost feels like the kids are all just being manoeuvred down the easiest path possible. There is love there but the ability to listen and guide and discipline instinctively is lost. My generation lost that ability and many generations before. It is not wrong it just is. Changes can be made and I am glad I have leapt through the hedge to see what can be done differently. This is all very judgemental and I am aware of that. I can acknowledge I am judging. I can also acknowledge that to sow seeds sometimes we all have to acknowledge what we don’t want to look at.

Earlier in the visit when I consider the parents energetically I was at a loss. I found myself sitting looking from birth to death. What is these adults purpose in life? Maybe part of their purpose is to show me mine? It is not for me to change them. They have their paths and will make their choices. I kept feeling a welling up of sadness, and wanting to cry, and after a while I figured out that the sadness was my sadness for them, the path of fear they are following. Acknowledging that may have some affect. I will not stop feeling into it and trying to sow more seeds into their healing intelligence. Other than that I can just keep creating ‘gaps in the hedges’. Maybe one day they will see the gap and jump through. It is like they are sitting in a cage and they are not seeing the door at the moment.

While staying in my energy over the last two weeks (some times it was difficult not to let ego take back control) I noticed a lot of egos fighting back within the children. More so with the older children, and definitely a lot of fighting back from the adults – although they had no idea this was happening, or this was how I sensed it anyway. There was an obvious increase of wanting to be in charge, in control from one set of parents. A really obvious disconnect from everything going on by the others. A push for discipline and an expectation of respect from the grandfather. To get respect should we not give it to? What is respect really? Another aspect of the control illusion? It was very interesting to sense all this, and also challenge myself to dig deep and sense the energy, not listen to the ego’s, the noise.

Going back to children in general, maybe we as adults need to take more time to Listen and find out what is beneath the noise; to Guide them on their path and show them how to seek out the gaps in the hedges, experience new things, be open to new adventures, new knowledge, find their own purpose, follow their instincts, their hearts. So often we shut down the gaps in the hedges before the children have even seen them. 

It is time to acknowledge that we need to change. We need to guide these children back to their connection with the universe. We need to look within and teach from within. One by one the ripples of change will become waves…………..

11th August 2020

A wave of children coming up the path. Turning looking in the other direction. Old people, ancient people, the horses, the herds, the animals, the sea creatures, the insects, all opening a path, standing aside, unblocking the light. Opening the way for the children. Following the children into the light. Warrior children. A sense of a ripple turning to a wave.”

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