The energetic source of the physical symptom..

A trip into the relationship between the wider source of energetic imbalance and a physical symptom that just keeps on coming back…………

Today I learnt more from Querida. Again she came in for a healing session. I could sense her feet, particularly the right one and in order to heal, the pedal bone needed to lift slightly. I sensed this happen and then a zipping or stitching sensation along the white line area, zipping the pedal bone into place maybe. Possibly the laminae healing. But then I was back at her knee, then her ankle. It was another realignment. When the pedal bone went back into place the knee became under pressure and the ankle turned. The shoulder took some pressure off but this caused a displacement again in the shoulders.

There was an up and down sensation in the leg for a long time, realigning, finding the right posture, to hold a balanced structure. It eased after a while but their was a sense of discomfort. This feels right though. It may take some time, this physical realignment. 

What I took away, as I let my energy and intellect wander out of the connection with Querida, was the relationship between the elements of the shoulder and leg structure. The physical difficulty of fixing the symptom (the foot) while the cause (was still healing). This bought me back to an earlier connection that came with looking at the laminitis source. The concept that laminitis is everywhere but the ability to heal it energetically is dependant on what else needs healing. If there is an underlying physical cause then the laminitis becomes more painful, more problematic, because the healing energy is focused on where it is needed most. But it goes deeper. This is a localised effect.

Going back to the source, an imbalance in the source causes a ripple effect. The closer to the source the larger the effect. The further from the source the smaller the effect, but an effect nonetheless, a symptom of imbalance. Laminitis is a localised effect of an imbalance at the source of all things, as is a human’s physical pain. I believe I sensed the source of laminitis  (refer to ‘The energetic source of laminitis’ 25 May 2020) – human fences; not physical fences. Fences we have erected around our own souls that then creates more and more barriers to connecting with our awareness, until it has then turned into physical fences we have put around ourselves, then around all living creatures. But taking down the physical fences will not fix the imbalance at source, anymore than it will fix the laminitis. In the same way treating the laminitis does not fix the imbalance at source. Easing it will send a small ripple back to the source, but only for a while. As more and more we seek to fix the localised symptom, more and more we ignore our ability to go back to the source, and more and more the effects become prevalent, until somebody finds a different way, a new path. As this path then gets wider and wider, the ripple going back to the source is stronger, until the source is healed..many lifetimes maybe.

So what does this have to do with the relationship between Queridas shoulder and leg structure and the laminae and pain in her feet?

Well, here is what I believe. I opened my heart to the source, and I was given a gift. A gift to heal. When I acknowledged the true source of laminitis I started to see the localised cause of the laminitic pain in the feet. In Chocolate it started with a misaligned spine and as that healed other parts of her body re-aligned and healed. When she went through this healing and her physical body became stronger, it was easier for her to manage her sore joints and the laminitis. She could focus more energy into these two areas. We have yet to get into the depths of the sore joints, but that will come in time. We can ease things, and there is nothing wrong with managing symptoms, but for full recovery we need to acknowledge the energetic sources of imbalance that cause the symptoms, then we can heal the physical causes. 

With Querida, once the source was acknowledged I could see her laminitis was a symptom of a misshapen skeleton, from wither down the shoulders, through the knees and ankles and into the feet. Her misshapen feet were often put down to previous bad laminitic attacks, but this never felt right. Over the last month or two she has had many healing sessions and slowly her skeletal structure is re-balancing. As I said earlier there are many parts to this healing, as it involves so much realignment, and every treatment requires time to process, change, undo compensation issues, and the like. 

I would like to acknowledge here that Camille Dareau, my energetic healing guide and counsellor, did several energetic healing treatments on the ponies, each one working as a catalyst to my own development, enabling me to venture deeper and deeper into healing, and ultimately enabling me to find this relationship between the energetic imbalances at source and locally.

But, how does all this heal the source imbalance. It doesn’t. It is but a little ripple emanating back to the source, showing that a being has acknowledged the imbalance, and is starting to bring down his/her own fences around his/her soul, allowing awareness in, allowing love in, and bringing balance back within. The reward for acknowledgement is understanding the depth of the imbalance and being gifted with a deepening sense of being able to help heal imbalances, firstly healing within oneself, and then for other souls, animal or human, whether they be physical or emotional imbalances, and through this enabling a deeper and wider opening of energetic awareness universally.

Maybe one day we will be able to find the source of many energetic imbalances that manifest at the end of the ripple as physical symptoms. Does the prevalence of asthma have an energetic source that is even bigger than pollution? Pollution maybe a cause, asthma the symptom, and the relationship can be worked with energetically and physically, enabling a small sense of temporary balance, but it is not necessarily the source of the energetic imbalance. The source of the imbalance will be deeper, much much deeper….

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