Summary of Prices and Fees

Below is a summary of the pricing and fees for consultations, memberships and out of pocket expenses.

Trust Technique Consultations (France)

€80 plus expenses (see below)

Trust Technique Consultation for Participant Members (France)

€20 plus expenses (see below)

Equine Facilitated Learning Consultation (UK)

Reiki Consultation (UK)

On line / Video consultations

On-line / Video Consultations for Participants

Consultations for Association Volunteers


£35 plus expenses (see below)



Free plus expenses (see below)

Book a Consultation


€36 / annum or €3 / month

€60 / annum or €5 / month

Free for the duration of the volunteer contract

Fuel charges (France)

Fuel charges (UK)

Toll charges

Hotel and other out of pocket expenses

€0.25 / km

£0.32 / mile

Charged at cost

Charged at cost

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