Deja Vu

Putting an intention in place within your awareness

If the future only exists in our invention of time, from the perspective of what we have experienced in the past, then what is “Deja Vu”?

First we need to let go of our ‘thinking process’ regarding what a future is. The only time that exists is right now, this moment, the present. This moment of reading this word is all there is. The last word has gone, the next word hasn’t arrived yet. We cannot control what will happen in the next moment. We only think we can.

We have programmed ourselves amazingly well to think we can predict our future, that we can know what is going to happen. This creates anxiety, especially when things don’t turn out as your thinking mind anticipated. But things probably turned out as you intended really…Consider this very basic idea: You constantly worry about the vegetables you have planted in the garden dying off from pests, drought, too much rain, not enough nutrients in the soil, etc etc. So you water regularly, constantly check for bugs and pick them off, protect everything with nets, fertilise and dig over the soil….and yet your vegetables don’t really come up that well, or give you a good crop. So what has happened? In a way you did predict the future – you set an intention of having a bad crop. This intention was based in past experiences and external knowledge (when it doesn’t rain my crop will die; if I don’t dig the soil two spades deep my crop will struggle), not your own awareness and intuition. Thus, events conspired to give you what you wanted. All the things you were doing to prevent a bad crop were irrelevant because you did not believe deep down that you would get a good crop.

So ‘Deja Vu’, in my current understanding within my awareness (and everything constantly evolves), is “the outcome of an intention that you set deep within yourself at some point in the past, the realisation of various events that have conspired to bring that intention to fruition. Everybody has probably experienced it at some point. The events that bring you to the ‘Deja Vu’ moment can be many. When you reach that moment you can almost feel the order of events that came together to provide it. The entire journey to this point (good or bad) makes absolute sense.

So, can we unlock our ability to create our own future, knowing that we can only create an intention and follow the path? I think we do it all the time, we are just not aware of it. If we can become deeply aware of the affect our conscious thought processes have on the direction our path goes through life, then we can create a future that is not just based in past experiences, but comes about based on following what comes into your awareness, following your intuition on a moment by moment basis. It is not about controlling the future and forcing it into being, it is about making moment by moment choices to follow a feel, or not.

Feel that good crop deep within you and then every morning, when you wake up, listen to what your intuition is telling you. If something is telling you to plant your strawberries in a different spot this year – don’t question it, do it. For you and your garden it will be absolutely the right thing to do.

We can do this with our health and wellbeing. Bring an intention into your awareness that gives you a deep understanding of having no back pain, balanced insulin levels, no chesty wheeziness, finger joints that don’t hurt every morning. Feel that intention, that picture deep within. Create that intention without considering, without believing, all the things you have been told about chronic this and that. Then follow your instincts, your intuition, your awareness. Become aware of whether it is your head that is telling you to do something, or your innate knowledge of how things should be for you. They are very different. One day you will have another amazing “Deja Vu” moment……..

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