I am a Thoroughbred and I was born on a racing stud in France in February 2006. I moved a couple of times from when I was three years old, and then met Karen in 2014, when I was nine. At my previous place I met Neige and we moved to Karen’s together.

I am a cribber and I windsuck. Karen has many posts for me to talk to, all day if I want.

I live out all year, and that was difficult the first year with Karen because I had always had to wear a rug previously, but she helped me get over that and I get a good thick coat now, and also don’t suffer with rain scald anymore.

I am still thin skinned though and in summer of 2020 I slashed my back leg inside the hock joint. Luckily I only nicked a tendon, but it took 8 months to heal over properly. Karen let me get on with it though and only used honey and lavender after the initial round of antibiotics. Due to that I am a bit unfit I suppose. Oh well..

While my leg was healing, Karen and I have been getting together and sharing time just being, finding ways to have conversations about my cribbing. She talks to me about why it started and how I can change the feelings that cause me to want to crib. She doesn’t push me, she goes as slow as I need to go, one little step at a time.

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