I was born in 2004 and am the littlest of the herd with Karen and the last to join her family in 2018. She was sent a link to me by a friend and she adopted me from the ‘Les Crins de Liberte’. I have had many homes.

One of the provisions of adoption was that I would have a forever home. Easy to say and agree to for humans, but should I believe it? I think I maybe beginning to……..

I have laminitis and have had it most of my life although I can’t remember when it started. My front feet are not the shape they should be as my pedal bones rotated a bit many years ago. I wonder if that is the reason I was moved so much.

When I arrived at Karen’s I found a lovely bunch of friends but still found it difficult to settle. Even now if Karen takes me for a walk I need one of the others to come with me, otherwise I think I am leaving again. I am sure I will find peace with that one day but I can’t just drop that worry of losing my friends again.

I do like to test Karen’s perseverance though by breaking through fences and running away when she wants to put a muzzle on me, but she has also taught me how to not grab every bit of food offered, and we do a lot of aromatherapy which I love. I also love our ‘being’ moments, when she just comes and stands or sits with me and we just spend time together, sometimes having a chat, but mostly just being.

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