I was born in 2001, and I have had two previous humans, both of which were lovely. My last human was where I met Timmy, but he couldn’t carry on looking after us, so I met Karen and we both moved to be with her. I am an Anglo Arab X Appaloosa.

I have had a wonderful life without any health problems until 2020 when I started losing my sight. In 2021 I was diagnosed with Uveitis and now I hardly see much at all.

Karen has helped me become confident with my blindness, although I still bump into fences quite often, and the rest of the herd sometimes don’t wait for me to figure out where I am before they try and move me.

We have been exploring our depth of communication so I can tell her if my eyes feel sore, or in pain, and she knows what I need to relieve that. Additionally we have had conversations about trust and following her voice, and also about what to do when I lose my head and panic. Well actually there is nothing Karen can do then, but we are working on my self confidence which helps me to not get into a panic in the first place…

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