I was born in 1999 we all think. We don’t know for sure. When I found Karen I had been at a few places mostly moving to be with children. The last place I lived in though the child fell off me and then decided she didn’t want to be with me anymore, so I moved again to Karen’s in 2011. I haven’t moved since. Well actually I have but with the herd to a new home when Karen moved house.

I suffer with laminitis. Karen didn’t really know about this when I moved to her, but the farrier confirmed that I had had it before. They can tell you know.

So she did some research.

But she wasn’t managing us on instinct she was managing us through worry…

I had a severe bout that landed in all four of my feet one winter. Yes I said in winter in the snow and the mud. Karen didn’t really notice at first. It is not so difficult to walk on sore feet when the ground is soft. But when she did figure it out she then started to manage our hay intake as well. As you humans say you live and learn.

And now she still manages our laminitis, but she manages us using peace of mind, not worry and concern. We get grass. We get muzzled (Grrrhhh!!) we get restricted now and again.

In the last three years Karen has started to look at us laminitics (there are three of us here) as individuals. What does that mean? That means she now manages our laminitis as it is personal to us. What works for me doesn’t work for Risada, and what works for Risada, doesn’t work for Querida. We are all different. The journey has been, and still is an interesting path of learning how to Live with Laminitis.

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