I was born in July 2010 and joined the family in 2011. I had three kittens, two of which went to a lovely home together, and one that stayed with me, but sadly he died before he was a year old. Me and Bandit though, we are great friends, and it is lovely to snuggle down with him on winter nights.

I have a great life, in and out when I feel like it and loads of space to wander around.

Hay bales make a great bed as well when I am in the mood, and I often meet other cats looking for a warm night in the hay.

I am a good hunter and have even bought in baby hares to show Karen, and I get plenty of mice, the odd rat, and the rare bird. All keep my teeth good and healthy. Getting that baby hare through the cat flap though was hard work – made me feel like a leopard!

I often hang around when Karen meditates or has her conversations with the others in the family. It is such a nice space..that space between thoughts; the place where there is no drama, no worries, and no anxieties, just truth…

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