Living with Laminitis

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Could it be a symptom of a deeper underlying physical issue that is taking time to heal?

Can we manage laminitis with mutual peace of mind?

Does our response to laminitis need to be different for each animal?

Is laminitis a physiological response to emotional stress or tension caused by something else?

Does laminitis get worse the more we (humans) worry about it ? (A look at the law of attraction and how we affect our horses emotional states)

Can we learn to be responsible for own feelings when we have to live with laminitis and not take them to our ponies and horses?

These feelings may include: shock; denial; anger; guilt; resignation; acceptance; hope.

When we take a feeling to our animal, they sense it. If we are worried they will worry. If we are angry they will be defensive. They have no understanding that a feeling a human is holding is not about them if you are with them. All they know is they sense your feeling in the moment and wonder if they need to do something about it. I believe that in many instances the feelings we carry with us about laminitis can cause it to get worse rather than better.

Dealing with a chronic problem is not easy to do peacefully. It is a learning curve. The first step is to not judge yourself or others, then take it from there.

If you are interested in discussing and learning how to bring peace of mind to animals with laminitis send me a message using the form below.

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