The Human Connection

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Do we really understand how our thinking feels in our body?

Can we stop thinking and start listening?

Can we stop re-inventing past experiences?

Can we stop being anxious about future events that haven’t happened yet?

Can we be truly present – right here, right now?

How much does over-thinking affect our physical health?

How much does our over-thinking affect the emotional and physical health of our animals?

This section is a sharing of self-discovery. Over the past 5 years I have released a lot of illusions : the illusion of control; the illusion of fear; the illusion of time; the illusion of separation, to name a few. Having spiralled through a number of changes to find a place of peace I now feel I can share those realisations.

It is fun to share this journey as, more and more, I try and put into human words the discoveries, and challenges, of living in the present with both my animals and the humans in my life.

Additionally, if you are in a place where you sense something needs to change in your life, you need to slow down, find some peace of mind, and enjoy where you are right now, know it is possible….

If you would like a Trust Technique Consultation to begin a journey of learning mindfulness with your animal, and yourself please contact me using the form below.

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