Connecting with a cribber

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In this section I am exploring the sense of cribbing and windsucking, the feel of it, looking at the fact that humans probably caused the behaviour response, and therefore is it possible for humans to help release and change this behaviour.

Is it a physiological response to past trauma?

Is it a habitual response to a deep emotional problem that is too deep to release (like us eating chocolate to make us feel good for a while even though we know it is not going to remove the problem)?

Is it psychological?

Is it physical pain that is relieved through a habitual addiction?

Can a cribbing horse find peace of mind?

Can a cribbing horse break the habit through release of the cause?

After spending years wondering if this troubled thoroughbred would stop cribbing before his teeth ground down to gums, in 2020, I started communicating with Timmy about his cribbing and windsucking. Since then I have taken a course using the Trust Technique teachings of finding and sharing the present moment, learning how to regard and understand Timmy’s reactions to that, and combining that with the energetic healing work I learnt from animal healer and craniosacral therapist, Camille Dareau. This has all allowed me to spend time with Timmy in the gaps between the thinking where he has shared a number of feelings from trauma and terror, frustration, and anger. A lot of these have been released and those moments and the continuing journey can be followed through the blog.

Whether he will ever stop is unimportant. I have no desire except that he finds peace of mind. Everything will happen from there.

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