About My Journey

I am seeking a place where the animals within my guardianship and I can share peace of mind. I am seeking a place where our relationships can be based in trust. I am challenging myself to let go of all I thought I knew, and listen to the animals. I am challenging myself to let go of all I thought I knew, and listen to myself. I am challenging myself to help others develop a relationship with their animals that is based in trust.

The herd that lives with me are five animals who are going through their lives with chronic physical and behavioural problems. Laminitis, Uveitis & Cribbing. I challenged myself a few years ago (2018) to look at the connection between emotions and physical and behavioural conditions in the horses. This has led me down a path of looking into how I feel emotionally about these conditions, how I manage these conditions without being overwhelmed or over thinking, and how, if I can bring peace of mind to the horses, how they can release any trauma of their own that may have caused ther condition or be adding to the continuance of it.

By following a circle of constantly asking, listening, and learning, we can come to a place of knowing, which can then be shared. Through sharing we come back to asking

Throughout the website I share my journey with each of the conditions within the herd, as well as my journey with myself and the different feelings and emotions I bring to each animal and its condition, what those were and how by releasing those a layer at a time, the animal changed and released layers of their own feelings and emotions, helping the healing process. This journey with my herd is and will be on going.

I am also starting to work with you and your animal(s) and as journeys develop, and with your permission, I will start to share my learnings in the case studies section of the website.

Through these experiences, the teaching and support from the Trust Technique I receive as a Trust Technique Practitioner (having qualified with a Diploma in Mindfulness for people with their animals), and the group sessions I attend discussing Ren Hursts 13 priniciples developed from her own experiences and detailed within her book ‘The Wisdom of Wildness – Healing the Trauma of Domestication’, I am now moving towards setting up an association to support people with animals with chronic physical and behavioural problems.

The association will be set up over the next few months. I will be providing Trust Technique consultations in person in France, or on-line anywhere, teaching Creative Reaction – how to be completely present with your animal (sharing peace of mind), how to regard the behaviours and emotions that surface (unpeace), and how to help release that. At the current time I can only support english speakers. For more in depth understanding of the Trust Technique I would suggest watching the Messages of Trust videos by following this link  


Subsequently there will be support for all animal guardians I work with, following through the Trust Technique learnings. There will be other areas of self learning supported as well through the association, whether that be further Trust Technique consultations with you and/or your animal, group calls and /or one to one discussions.

There is the general Animal Connection and Beyond Facebook Group where like minded people come together to share thoughts on the physical, emotional and spiritual connections with their animals : Follow this link


We are developing an Animal Connection and Beyond Learners Group which is on Facebook and Whatsapp currently. If you are interested in persuing a more mindful approach with your animals, or you have animals with chronic physical or behavioural problems and are feeling overwhelmed, confused, or anxious have a look at the page below, or contact me for a chat to see how we might help, by using the contact form.

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