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We are seeking a place where the animals within our guardianship and us can share peace of mind. We are seeking a place where our relationships can be based in trust. We are challenging ourselves to let go of all we thought we knew, and listen to the animals. We are challenging ourselves to let go of all we thought we knew, and listen to ourselves. We are challenging ourselves to help others develop a relationship with their animals that is based in trust.

The herd that lives with Karen are five animals who are going through their lives with chronic physical and behavioural problems. Laminitis, Uveitis & Cribbing. She challenged herself a few years ago (2018) to look at the connection between emotions and physical and behavioural conditions in the horses. This has led her down a path of looking into how she felt emotionally about these conditions, how she managed these conditions without being overwhelmed or over thinking, and how, if she could bring peace of mind to the horses, how they could release any trauma of their own that may have caused ther condition or be adding to the continuance of it.

By following a circle of constantly asking, listening, and learning, we can come to a place of knowing, which can then be shared. Through sharing we come back to asking

She has shared her journey with each of the conditions within the herd, as well as her journey with herself and the different feelings and emotions she brought to each animal and its condition, what those were and how by releasing those a layer at a time, the animal changed and released layers of their own feelings and emotions, helping the healing process. This journey with her herd is and will be on going. Read more about her journey..

Karen’s journey led to a path of taking a two part course in ‘Awakening her Energetic Connection’, followed by a course where she gained a Qualification in Mindfulness with people and their animals, through the Trust Technique.

She has teamed up with Michaela Marcham and Yvonne Peters-Bausch to form the Animal Connection and Beyond Association.

The purpose of the Association is to work with volunteers to further research and understand the effects of feelings shared between domestic animals and their guardians, on the chronic physical and behavioural conditions of their animals, and assess, through case studying the volunteers journey’s, whether there is an improvement in conditions when shared feelings are modified by the introduction of mindfulness techniques.

The volunteer work will be supported by the members of Animal Connection and Beyond.

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